Another controversial picture has surfaced on social media sparking debate over glamorising poverty. Businessman Harsh Goenka shared a photograph of a woman carrying lights in a wedding procession while her child hangs by her shoulder wrapped in a cloth.

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Goenka, the chairman of RPG Group, came under fire after he lauded the woman who is seen carrying lights on her head while her baby hangs by her shoulder as she walks in a Baraat ( Wedding procession) 

Several netizens called out the businessman for romanticising poverty that compelled the woman to work in such a situation.

Actor Simi Garewal also responded to the post and wrote,  "And she is carrying her baby in her jholi..! #Mothers (sic)." The veteran actor also faced backlash. 

The netizens remained divided over the picture, while some applauded the exemplary courage and spirit of mothers, others slammed Goenka for romanticising poverty that compelled the women to work under such circumstances. 

Instead of saluting her courage, we should feel ashamed: Netizens react

While one netizen writes, "Instead of saluting her courage we should feel shame that she has to go through all these hardships.

"Only in India, we celebrate helplessness as bravery. Instead of being ashamed that the woman has to work in such conditions, you are celebrating her helplessness and misery for your post. That's worse than child labour happening there. Both the child and mother are in danger," another said. 

The netizens lashed out at the groom in the Baraat, "Are you stupid, this doesn't need a salute. Instead this needs to be condemned as a guy sitting on the horse doesn't care about the mother n baby. Wake up India, stop building those statues n Mandirs etc. Give benefits to women instead to earn their daily livelihood