Padmaavat and GOT
Similarities between Padmaavat and Game of ThronesInstagram Fan Page

The social media has been abuzz as Padmaavat finally hit the theatres on January 25. And hats off to Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the director has made a spectacular film that will be celebrated in the years to come.

Unfortunately, the film had to face a lot of troubles and protests but nevertheless, the movie is receiving great reactions and reviews from critics and audience.

As you know, Padmaavat revolves around Rani Padmavati who chose to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect her dignity. But guess what? We found some similarities between Padmaavat and popular American TV drama, Game of Thrones.

    • Ranveer Singh's look is similar to Khal Drogo. Many started drawing parallels between Allaudin Khilji's on-screen depiction and Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones. Is Ranveer Singh's look a rip-off? His trainer Mustafa Ahmed did reveal to media that it was definitely inspired by Drogo. His hairstyle, dark kohl eyes and the rage – it reminded us of Khal Drogo.
    • Daenerys Targaryen tried 'Jauhar' (she sat in the fire to save her husband) but failed miserably. Hilarious, isn't it? Rani Padmavati a.k.a. Deepika Padukone sacrifices herself by doing 'Jauhar'.
    • Game of Thrones was also leaked, not once, but many times. It was live streamed on Facebook by fans. And same happened with Padmaavat. A Facebook user streamed the movie live on his account.
    • Who is Shahid Kapoor? Well, he perfectly fits the role of Jon Snow. A king who fights for his people. His bravery, valour and principles are so similar to Jon Snow from Game of Thrones
    • And finally, it's Jim Sarbh. No, we won't compare Jim Sarbh's character with any gay character from GOT, so keeping the gay aspect aside, his role is very similar to Jorah Mormont who was the Hand of the Queen Daenerys Targaryen. He was madly in love with her but Daenerys always treated him like a friend. The case is same in Padmaavat – Jim Sarbh's love for Khilji is visible but he always had him as his right hand.