Witches of East End
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The upcoming episode of "Witches of East End" titled "Sex, Lies and Birthday Cake," will finally reveal the motive behind Eva coming in between Killian and Freya.

In a recent interview with the US edition of International Business Times, executive producer Maggie Friedman teased that trouble is brewing in East End, and that Killian will finally realise what Eva has been doing to him all along.

"She's been giving him a potion that makes him love her and forget that he's in love with Freya," Friedman said. "So, it's a little bit of a mind control. He doesn't realize that his heart and mind are being controlled by his wife. So, that story line is going to heat up more."

As for Eva's motives, the executive producer noted that it might come as a shock to viewers when the "really twisty story about why she's doing what she's doing" is revealed.

Friedman added that the upcoming episode is going to be a treat for fans of Freya and Killian. "And the next episode it's Freya's 30th birthday party and Killian is working the bar. And I will say Frillian fans will really love the next episode," Friedman said. "We're also going to learn a lot more about Eva's back-story and why she's doing what she's doing - who she is. There are a lot of fun twists that get revealed in the next episode related to Eva and Killian."

But not everything is going to be hunky dory, as the promo of episode eight  hints at tension between Frederick and Killian. The teaser showed Freya's twin walking up to Killian and warning him to stay away from his sister.

Although it's not immediately known what their beef is, Friedman hinted that Frederick is going to stand in the way of his sister's romance with Killian.

As for Frederick himself, the executive producer said that the most important question is whether he can be trusted. In the last episode, Frederick was given strict instructions to poison his mother, but he couldn't do it because of his love for Joanna. And in the coming episodes, more about his struggles will be revealed.

"We're going to learn a lot more about what the King wants, what Frederick's goals are and I shouldn't reveal any spoilers but we do learn that he wants to bring them back to Asgard, to their homeland. It's a lot more dangerous than we know right away," Friedman said.