Witches of East End
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The season two premiere of "Witches of East End" introduced Freya's twin, Frederick, but the jury is still out on whether he can be trusted.

Frederick, who has spent years in Asgard, is one of the many supernatural things that escaped through the portal to Asgard, and he manages to win over his mother by getting rid of the poison from her body and transferring it to his own body.

However, not everyone is pleased to have him back. While Joanna is happy to have her whole family back, Wendy has her reservations about Frederick, and the next episode of the witch drama is expected to focus on Frederick's loyalties.

The episode is titled "The Son Also Rises," and executive producer of the series Maggie Friedman told TVLine that it will be sometime before Frederick's true intentions are revealed.

"Well, I'm not going to say," she said, on whether Frederick can be trusted. "If you listen to Wendy, she'd say one; but if you listen to Joanna, she'd put him at about a 9.5. That's the fun we're having with his character, taking the audience's expectations and flipping them numerous times. We'll keep people guessing about what it is that Frederick wants, and whether he means them good or harm.

"He and Freya are twins, so they have things they can only do with each other — special spells — so they have a really cool bond," she said.

Elsewhere on "The Son Also Rises," viewers will see Freya trying to find Killian, for whom she left Dash.

But Killian seems to have put his past behind him, and he appears to have found a new love in Eva. Last week's episode saw Killian being washed up the shore of a tropical destination, and a woman named Eva nursing him back to health.

And although Killian is well enough, he has no plans of returning to East End.

"I don't want to go home," he tells Eva, "Nothing for me there."

But Eva might not be Killian's safest choice, as he attempts to figure out about his new-found powers, explained Friedman.

"We set up in Episode 1 with the tarot reading that there's an owl protecting Killian, then at the end, we learn that it's Eva. So the question becomes: Is she protecting him in order to protect him, or is she keeping people away because she's a predator?"

"Witches of East End" airs on Sundays at 9 pm EDT on Lifetime.