Witches of East End
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The Mandragora drama might be over in "Witches of East End," but that doesn't mean the Beauchamp ladies are going to have a smooth sailing in the coming episode.

The episode is titled "Art of Darkness" and spoilers hint that Killian will finally come to know the truth about Eva, which does not end well for him.

Based on the promo, Killian will start suspecting Eva, and he tells her he knows what she is trying to do to him.

"I know what you're doing to me," Killian tells Eva in the promo. "You need to calm down," she replies. But Killian is in no mood to listen to her."I'm not going to calm down," he answers, and the next scene has Killian screaming in pain.

The promo also hints that Frederick's loyalties will be questioned in the upcoming episode.
Viewers of the show will be introduced to a new character, Tarkoff, played by James Marsters, whose targets appear to be Joanna. Tarkoff is an old friend of the family, and in the promo, he hands Frederick something to slip into Joanna's drink.

"You will prepare this potion then slip it into mother's drink," he says to Freya's twin. "You want me to kill her?" Frederick asks.

Elsewhere on the episode, Ingrid will be seen getting ready for a date with Dash, and this troubles Freya, not because she is insecure about her sister dating her ex fiancé, but because Freya doesn't trust Dash.

Freya has every right to be suspicious of Dash, as in the previous episode he did hint that he wants the Beauchamp ladies dead. Dash made the shocking revelation while he was high on the Mandragora's poison.

Speaking about her character's growing closeness to Dash, Rachel Boston told TVLine that they continue to bond over their similarities.

"She's watching him go through something that she so recently experienced of stepping into her powers, and now she's watching Dash and Killian embrace who they are and figure out how to use it so there's that connection," Boston said. "And then when we find out our similarities, I do think we're very much strong together in many different ways."

"Witches of East End" airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.