Witches of East End
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With each passing episode, "Witches of East End" keeps getting darker, and the upcoming episode is expected to be even more explosive as it is expected to focus on Ingrid's relationship with the Mandragora.

Episode six is titled "When a Mandragora Loves a Woman," and based on the synopsis, Joanna and Alex will put their past behind and direct all their energies on locating the Mandragora. As explained in the previous episode, a Mandragora gains its strength by becoming intimate with its partner, and the creature's bond with its mate is permanent – kill one and the other one dies.

But Joanna isn't willing to kill the creature, especially now that the Mandragora's mate is her daughter, Ingrid. The final scene of "Boogie Knights" saw Ingrid running off with the blue creature despite Joanna's pleas.

Meanwhile, Joanna and Alex aren't the only ones trying to save Ingrid from Mandragora. The trailer of the episode shows Freya pleading with Dash to help her sister. But Dash isn't willing to help his former fiancée.

"Nothing would make me happier than seeing all the Beauchamp women dead," Dash tells Freya, adding, "You're not the only one who can do magic."

"This isn't you, Dash," Freya tells him, but he tells her that he's done things that would make her "shudder." Dash's attack seems to be a side effect from the Mandragora's attack, which is said to cause hallucinations, paranoia and psychosis.

Wendy and Frederick, too, will also have trouble working with each other, as Wendy is unsure of her nephew's loyalties.

"You still don't trust me? Even at a time like this?"  Frederick asks in the promo, to which she responds, "Especially at a time like this." The footage also shows Wendy being attacked, and a number of fans have expressed concern for the character, as she is currently on her last life.

Episode 6 is due to air on 17 August at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.

Here's the synopsis of the episode: "Joanna and Alex must put their past aside and focus on finding the Mandragora. Freya asks Dash to help save Ingrid. Skeptical of Freddie's loyalty, Wendy is wary of his actions."