Witches of East End
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The clock was ticking fast for Freya and Ingrid, and towards the end of Sunday's episode of "Witches of East End" the sisters were hanged by Tarkoff in the garden of the Beauchamp household.

Joanna had been worrying about her daughters' deaths for a while now, and her worst fears came to reality when she was given a parting gift from Tarkoff in the form of her daughters' deaths. Tarkoff, too, does not survive long, as he gets killed by Frederick soon after.

But fans of the series wouldn't have to mourn the deaths of Ingrid and Freya for long, as promo photos from episode 10, titled "The Fall of the House of Beauchamp," shows Joanna and Wendy resurrecting the sisters. And from the looks of it, they will get some help from their father, the King of Asgard, as he is shown lurking in the background of one of the pictures.

As per the synopsis of the episode, Joanna will be devastated by her daughters' deaths and she will retreat to her bedroom to avoid facing the reality. Though Joanna knows that her children will be born once again and repeat the cycle, she had hoped things to be different this time around, and the deaths came as a shock.

But Wendy won't let her sister mourn for long, and she will enlist the help of an enemy to bring her nieces back.

"Worried about her sister's state of mind, Wendy is determined to bring them back, but knows the dangers of the spells all too well... and is forced to partner with the enemy," the synopsis reads.

As for Killian and Dash, the synopsis hints that Killian will make a startling discovery, and that Dash's secrets begin to surface in the next episode.

Sunday's episode saw Dash finally confessing to Killian about his intention to murder the latter. However, Killian was not in a forgiving mood. "Attacking me is one thing. But you left me on the boat, pushed me out to see to die," Killian said, unable to forgive his brother, following which the two have a bloody brawl.

"The Fall of the House of Beauchamp" will air on 21 September on Lifetime.