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The Witcher 3 still has some time left before the game finally hits the store shelves, but it has already been touted as the best RPG of the year. The game is clearly set to break all graphical barriers, and will require a lot from your system, especially PC, to run the game successfully.

There have been talks in the past that CD Projekt RED could look to downgrade the graphics for the console versions of the game. However, there is no doubt that the graphics for the PC version will be anything less than rich and impressive. In fact, there are settings that can give you even better detailing for the game, provided your PC can handle it.

While we still await the official system requirements for the game, it seems like NVIDIA has already posted the list of its graphics cards that will help you run the game and also look the prettiest.

"Working hand-in-hand with developer CD Projekt RED, we've transformed the protagonist's hair and beard, the mane of his trusty steed (and the manes of other horses), and the fur of over three dozen monsters into dynamic, highly detailed, fully formed hair and fur that reacts realistically to movement, external forces, dynamic lighting, and shadows," the official NVIDIA page states.

"Using a technology called NVIDIA HairWorks, the addition of this DirectX 11 tessellated hair to the majority of Geralt's animal and supernatural assailants creates immersive scenes and encounters for the duration of the anticipated title," it adds.

Check out the NVIDIA requirements for The Witcher 3 below:

  • 1920×1080, Low settings: GTX 960
  • 1920×1080, Medium settings: GTX 960
  • 1920×1080, High settings: GTX 960
  • 1920×1080, Uber settings: GTX 970
  • 1920×1080, Uber settings w/ GameWorks: GTX 980
  • 2560×1440, Uber settings: GTX 980
  • 2560×1440, Uber settings w/ GameWorks: GTX TITAN X, or 2-Way SLI GTX 970
  • 3840×2160, Uber settings: GTX TITAN X, or 2-Way SLI GTX 980
  • 3840×2160, Uber settings w/ GameWorks: 2-Way SLI GTX 980 or GTX TITAN X

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is set to release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on 19 May.