The Witcher 3's Gwent card game
The Witcher 3's Gwent card game

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt may offer one of the largest open-world landscapes in gaming business seen in recent times, but the thing that's got most of the fans talking is Gwent card game. If you still haven't played, Gwent requires a bit of playing skills and a teaspoon of luck to master. And that's where we come in.

There are a number of powerful Gwent cards scattered across the world in the Witcher 3 and we have already published a guide for that, stating all the locations where you can find them. This guide, however, will help you build the best Gwent deck in the land.

NOTE: Before we begin, you need to keep in mind the basics of playing Gwent. You will require a minimum of 22 unit cards in your deck. You can even add special cards such as weather cards or Hero cards. But you will want to have the least number of cards in your deck in order to score the best cards in your opening hand.

Understanding Muster Ability – Combos

  • If you have played Gwent, you will know that one of the most powerful abilities in the game is Muster.
  • Note that cards with Muster ability will pull every card from your deck that has the same name. There are a host of cards in Gwent that share the same name.
  • Try filling up your deck with five or six cards of the same name with a value of two. This, in time, will equate to more combined damage than a single card with a value of 10.
  • With just a single Muster card, you can effectively gain access to every other card of the same name in your deck.

Use Morale Boost Cards

  • Having a few Morale Boost cards in your deck help a lot as they increase the value of all cards in that row.
  • Similarly, if you build your deck around Siege cards, having a single Morale Boost card in your Siege row can easily double your score.
  • There's also the Medic card that allows you to play a high value card in a single round. You can then pull it from your discard pile and save it for a future round.
  • Keep a lookout for cards such as Muster, Medic, Morale Boost and Tight Bond as they can be even more useful than standard high-value cards.

Keeping the Scorch Cards

  • With a Scorch Card, you can easily win a round or even a match. These help in removing the high value cards in the match for your opponents.
  • Remember that Scorch Cards can and will also remove your own cards from the battlefield. They can remove more than one card at any given time.
  • If you have a Scorch Card in hand, it's important that you play around it. It means starting off a round with low value cards and waiting until your opponent deals something of high value before you play your Scorch card.
  • Even if you end up removing some of your own cards, as long as your opponent loses more points than you, it's still in your favour to play the Scorch card.

The Draw

  • The more cards you have in hand, the higher is the chance of you winning. You could use Spy cards that are useful since they allow you to draw two cards for the price of playing a card for the opponent.
  • At the start, though, you won't find many Spy cards with a value lower than four. But that's where your weather cards will come to play.
  • If you have a Biting Frost weather card in your hand, you can play the Spy card without giving your opponent any significant advantage.
  • Keep playing the Spy card, following up with a Biting Frost card until it drops its value to one.

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[Source: Prima Games]