The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
The Witcher 3: Wild

If there's one great thing about the new Witcher 3, apart from its vast open-world landscape, it's the plethora of in-game weapons. But they won't be easy to acquire, for you can access them only after slaying bandits, exploring chests and crafting.

Now, you may not use every weapon that you pick on the battlefield and will probably end up selling most of them to rake in the moolah. So it makes sense to pick up everything that comes your way.

So, if you are looking forward to collect every weapon or armour in the world, here's a guide to update you on the range of weapons and places in the map to find them.

Weapons and Armours: Griffin Set

  • Griffin Steel Sword – Base Damage: 97 – You will find it in the Hindhold fast travel location in Velen. When you reach the area, there should be a harpy nest nearby. When you enter the building, you should come across a corpse near a treasure chest with the diagram for the sword.
  • Enhanced Griffin Steel Sword – Base Damage: 153 – Head over to the Refugee's Camp fast travel location in western Velen. The diagram will be available in the southwest direction in a chest at a bandit camp.
  • Superior Griffin Steel Sword – Base Damage: 209 – There's a village located in the northwest of the Urialla Harbor in Ard Skellig. Locate a shrine in the north side with a number of bandits around. The diagram should be in a chest behind the shrine.
  • Mastercrafted Griffin Steel Sword – Base Damage: 281 – Find it in the ruins of Boxholm in Ard Skellig. The chest should be located on the east side.
  • Griffin Silver Sword – Base Damage: 180 – This one will be located in western Velen in a castle in Lornruk near a Place of Power. There's an underwater entrance into the castle. When inside the castle, go towards the wooden gate and use the ladder until you reach the upper area, where there's a chest located.
  • Enhanced Griffin Silver Sword – Base Damage: 250 – Reach the Crossroads fast travel location (southeast Velen), west of Nilfgaardian camp. Head east and the chest should be located in a cave.
  • Superior Griffin Silver Sword – Base Damage: 330 – Find a cave east of the Elverum Lighthouse in south Ard Skellig. The lighthouse should be populated with bears and you should find the chest when you enter and look left.
  • Mastercrafted Griffin Silver Sword – Base Damage: 410 – You should find it in the vicinity of a lake near Fornhala in Ard Skellig. Go to the tower across the lake and find the chest with the diagram.
  • Griffin Armour Set – For the diagrams for the Griffin armour set, you need to head over to Dragonslayer's Grotto (west of Reardon Manor).
  • Enhanced Griffin Boots – Head southwest from Novigrad to Mudplough Island. When reached, you should find a few Forktail enemies near a chest. Note that you will need to be at least level 14 or 15 to take them down. If not, carefully approach the chest to evade conflict.
  • Enhanced Griffin Trousers – Move east of the Crow's Perch fast travel location in Velen and you should find the Burned Ruins. There's a chest located in the wooden beams of the burned down ruins.
  • Enhanced Griffin Gauntlets – You need to fast travel to Frischlow in southern Velen. Move south to a cave and use Aard Sign Magic to clear the entrance and find a chest.
  • Enhanced Griffin Armour – Head west of Oxenfurt and you should come across a Rock Troll guarding the chest.
  • Superior Griffin Armour Set – You should find it in the bandit's camp at Giant's Toes in northeast Skellig. To confront the bandits, you need to be at least level 20. The chest should be located at the left side of the stone arch.
  • Mastercrafted Armour Set – When in Ard Skellig, look for a derelict fort in the northeast of Redgill. Be careful as a Cyclops guards the place. Move inside the fort and head left, up to the second floor and you will come across a few chests.

Weapons and Armours – Feline Set

  • Feline Steel Sword – Base Damage: 153 – Move to Drahim Castle located in the south of Novigrad. The diagram should be located inside the basement of the tower.
  • Enhanced Feline Steel Sword – Base Damage: 193 – Locate a cave between the fast travel locations of Reardon Manor and Toderas. Move left when inside to find a chest with the diagram.
  • Super Feline Steel Sword – Base Damage: 241 – Move to the cave northeast of Novigrad. You should come across a Golem guarding the place. To confront it, you should be at least level 15. Kill the Golem to find treasure items and, most importantly, the diagram.
  • Mastercrafted Feline Steel Sword – Base Damage: 281 – Move to Kaer Gelen (on Ard Skellig) and head left at the gate to loacte an entrance. Kill the Wraiths, move downstairs into the side room to find a chest.
  • Feline Silver Sword – Base Damage: 240 – Move east of Novigrad and locate the ruins of Est Tayiar. Drop down into the ruins and break through the wall to the right (use Aard Sign Magic). Loot the dead body and read Gloger's notes for the location of the next diagram.
  • Enhanced Feline Silver Sword – Base Damage: 330 – Locate a house north of the Oxenfurt Gate in Novigrad. Reach the upper level and find a chest with the diagram.
  • Superior Feline Silver Sword – Base Damage: 360 – Move to the Ursten fast travel location south of Novigrad, and you should find a cave to the east. Head right until you reach a cracked wall. Break down the wall and find a chest.
  • Mastercrafted Feline Silver Sword – Base Damage: 410 – When in Faroe, locate a cave east of Harviken and search it. The chest should be in the back of a cave.
  • Feline Armour Set – Find the cave in northwest Novigrad and continue left into a room with statues. Pull the lever to turn the statues toward the centre of the room and you will find a hidden path. Dive into the water and loot the corpse to find a Laboratory Key. Move left to the laboratory door and kill the Mad Kiyan inside and loot the body to find the diagram.
  • Enhanced Feline Boots – Move to the Toderas fast travel point near the eastern coastline of Velen. Go inside the cave here to find a chest.
  • Enhanced Feline Gauntlets – Head over to the cave west of Oxenfurt around Codger's Quarry. The diagram will be inside the cave.
  • Enhanced Feline Trousers – Move towards a structure on the south-eastern side of the largest island in Oxenfurt. Move to the basement and use Witcher Senses to examine a brick. This will unlock a hidden passage with the diagram at the end of it.
  • Enhanced Feline Armour – Move east of the Aeramas' Abandoned Manor fast travel location in Oxenfurt and you will find a red brick house. Loot the chest near the bookcase for the diagram.
  • Superior Feline Armour Set – Take the Downwarren fast travel location path and head west to the lake and search the ruins to find a chest with the diagram. You might run into a dicey situation as an Earth Elemental is patrolling the area.
  • Mastercrafted Feline Armour Set – If you move south of Trottheim, you should come across a group of sirens around a cave. Slay them, move inside and head straight to locate a pillar. The chest should be located behind the pillar.

Weapons and Armours – Ursine Set

  • Usrine Steel Sword – Base Damage: 161 – When on the south side of Ard Skellig, head to the Ruined Inn and clear the monster nest nearby. Move into the building and clear a path into the basement. There will be enemies down there. Take care of them and then open the chest to find the diagram.
  • Enhanced Ursine Steel Sword – Base Damage: 209 – Go to Prison Island in Kaer Almhult. Take the main path to the fort and continue up the stairs to the right and you should find a chest near some fallen debris.
  • Superior Ursine Steel Sword – Base Damage: 249 – Move to the Ruined Tower, located northeast of Crookback Bog. Kill the Earth Elemental before you can open the chest.
  • Mastercrafted Ursine Steel Sword – Base Damage: 282 – Head to the cave northwest of Blackbough and locate the entrance on the side of a cliff. Go inside and follow the right wall until you reach the chest behind a pillar.
  • Ursine Silver Sword – Base Damage: 270 – Locate this one in the ruins of Fort Etnir (north of Rogne on Ard Skellig). Defeat a couple of Gargoyles and an Ice Elemental, then loot the corpse nearby for the diagram.
  • Enhanced Ursine Silver Sword – Base Damage: 320 – Move to the castle northeast of Kaer Gelen on Ard Skellig, head down into the basement and kill the Ghouls. Continue down the corridor to find the chest.
  • Superior Ursine Silver Sword – Base Damage: 370 – After you complete the main quest 'Wandering in the Dark', head over to Crookback Bog in Velen. Travel southwest to a cave and get rid of the illusions blocking your entry. The chest should be inside.
  • Mastercrafted Ursine Silver Sword – Base Damage: 415 – Move to the island northwest of the Road To Bald Mountain. Head over to the small piece of land between Bald Mountain and Olena's Grove and you should encounter some Drowners. Search behind a large boulder nearby to find the chest.
  • Ursine Armour Set – Head to the large building just north of Urialla Harbor on Ard Skellig. Continue onward to Yngvar's Fang and down the path to the building. Head inside and down the stairs to the left. Kill the Wraiths and pull the lever to reveal a hole in the ground. Head down the hole, then to the right and run to the stairs and over the rocks to find a chest next to the throne.
  • Enhanced Ursine Gauntlets – Move to tower in Ard Skellig, northeast of Rogne. Kill the Wraiths nearby. Go inside and up the stairs to find the diagram.
  • Enhanced Ursine Trousers – Move to the island in the northeast of Marlin Coast of Undvik. Head into the cave and clear the entrance and you should find the chest.
  • Enhanced Ursine Boots – Move to the Wild Shore on Ard Skellig and head towards the southeast to find a cave. Kill the Trolls guarding the area, and open the chests near the campfire.
  • Enhanced Ursine Chest Armour – Go to the Grotto cave in southeast Ard Skellig. Move to the end of the cave to find the Grossbart brothers. Kill them and search in far left corner to find the chest.
  • Superior Ursine Armour Set – Fast travel to Hanged Man's Tree in Velen and head northwest to a cave. Follow the left wall to reach a group of chests that will contain the diagram.
  • Mastercrafted Ursine Armour Set – Move to the tower at the Destroyed Bastion signpost, southwest of the Crossroads. Kill the Cyclops patrolling the area (or sneak around it). Head to the tower to find inside a group of chests with the diagrams.

[Source: Prima Games]