CD Projekt RED stumbled upon a potential goldmine the moment it released the massively-anticipated The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt earlier this year. The game is basically one of the biggest open-world titles out there and covers far more ground than what Witcher 2 offered.

However, with the success and popularity of Witcher 3 yet to die out, it seems the developers are currently preparing to roll out the game's next big expansion, in the form of the Hearts of Stone DLC – the first-ever DLC expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

As revealed, Hearts of Stone is set to pack over 10 hours of new adventures, apart from introducing new characters, powerful monsters, unique romance, and a brand new storyline shaped by the player's choices.

But that isn't all. The expansion also introduces a brand new system of Runewords that is said to significantly affect the overall gameplay. Fans will note that each Runeword will impact a different aspect of in-game mechanics, and this will allow the players to experiment with various strategies and tactics.

Those who are interested will note that alongside the digital release, gamers will also be able to purchase a special, limited boxed edition of Hearts of Stone (SRP $19.99/€19.99) that will be available at selected retailers worldwide.

The box is set to contain a digital download code for the expansion, two masterfully crafted physical decks of Gwent, the most popular card game in the world of The Witcher, apart from a detailed manual explaining the rules for the same.

"With two unique sets of cards, Monsters and Scoia'tael ready to go, you and your friends can now engage in tactical combat on a grand scale outside of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt," the official page states.

For the Hearts of Stone DLC, CD Projekt RED has also confirmed that while fans can play the expansion missions during the course of the main game, but for that, they will have to be above level 30. This means if any of the players haven't reached the target level till now, are advised to do so before the DLC hits.

Aside what's been written about the DLC in the official page, CD Projekt RED's Marcin Momot was also recently available on Twitter to answer a few crucial questions regarding Hearts of Stone. For instance, recently on Twitter he revealed that when the expansion finally launches, players will be able to use it in either New Game, or New Game Plus.

While the first Hearts of Stone DLC is arriving on 13 October, the second DLC for the game – Blood & Wine – is expected to be even larger. The DLC will come out during Q1 in 2016 and is expected to be priced at least $20. As of now, you can check out the teaser for Hearts of Stone below.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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