The Caranthir boss battle in The Witcher 3 is one of the hardest and longest
The Caranthir boss battle in The Witcher 3 is one of the hardest and longest

CD Projekt RED's latest adventure title The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has a number of high profile boss fights that require you to use every bit of your strength and intelligence to beat them. As you traverse through the land, you will meet many such bosses obstructing your way. 

Taking note of the Caranthir boss fight for the time being, this one emerges right before you fight the game's final boss Eredin. Caranthir has an official title "senior adviser" and is quite a tough opponent to beat. For instance, this guy won't have problems taking both you and Ciri down if any of you slip up.

Looking to take care of Caranthir this weekend? Well, to make sure you don't slip up in the Caranthir boss battle, here's a guide that will ensure that you beat the boss easily. 

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Caranthir Guide

  • Note that the Caranthir boss fight is divided into two parts. The first one sees Ciri face Caranthir, where the enemy will kick things off with a string of melee attacks. Players are suggested to head into the battle with equal aggressiveness to see off Caranthir.
  • Caranthir has the ability to teleport and he will do the same against Ciri in order to avoid her lunging attacks. However, you can make use of Ciri's own teleportation ability to counter the enemy.
  • The enemy will be open to receiving a tough Ice Armour every time he teleports, and unlike Geralt, Ciri doesn't have the ability to break that. But when this happens, remember to switch back to Geralt and make use of your Sign Magic abilities, like Igni.
  • In the second part of the Caranthir boss battle, after a short cut scene, you will get to play as Geralt and take on the enemy. Knowing that Geralt is a much tougher adversary than Ciri, Caranthir will now utilize a string of new attacks.
  • Few of these new attacks include unleashing a host of light shards in Geralt's direction. If you get hit by any of these, Geralt will be unable to move for a short amount of time. Apart from that, Caranthir can fire magic bolts.
  • Like the battle against Ciri, Caranthir will teleport from one position to the other after taking a bit of damage, following up the move with ice bolts. You can strike him back as soon as possible to cancel out this attack.
  • After a while, like other desperate before him, Caranthir will start summoning Ice Elementals, although you can hit him during the summoning process.
  • While you battle it out with Caranthir's newly summoned minions, he will also hit you with whatever magic he has got in his arsenal.
  • The best thing to do here is using these minions as shields to save Geralt from the hits. Not only does this eliminate the odd enemy, it also keeps their numbers in check. Also try using the Dimeritium bomb at your disposal.
  • This is one of the longest and hardest boss battles in the game, and you will need to remain patient through the entire thing. At the end, when Caranthir dies, he will teleport both himself and Geralt underwater. You just need to swim out of the water and the boss battle will be done.

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