Much before the Witcher 3 made its official appearance, developers CD Projekt RED, became the hottest topic on Internet, owing to the kind of rumours and leaks that were coming up for the game. And at this point, it's quite safe to say, the game not only lived up to all the hype, but also had a lot to offer. 

But with the Witcher 3 safely out, fans are now wondering what the next iteration of Witcher will bring for them. There were a lot of unique features in The Witcher 3 that set it apart from the previous games in the series, and it goes without saying that fans will expect even more for the next one.

Having said that, the next Witcher game (probably Witcher 4) is still very much a rumour, and we don't even have an idea when it will come out. What we do understand, however, is owing to the success of the third game, CD Projekt RED will definitely feel compelled to release a newer version of it sometime in the future.

So if there is indeed a new Witcher game that's being contemplated behind the closed doors of the Polish developers, what could be the features – based on The Witcher 3 – that one can expect? Here, we take a close look.

Side Quests Tweak the In-game Incidents

If you are done with The Witcher 3, or have again re-started the game, you should know by now about the huge number of side quests that exist in the game. As of now, side quests are basically a good way to earn some extra cash that you can utilise later. However, we are looking forward to a Witcher game that will add a sense of consequence to every side quest you take up. That means success or failure in a certain side quest accordingly affects how things play out in the game thereafter.

A Flashback Moment on Geralt's Past Life

So let's get this straight – what do we know about Geralt's past life? Yes, Geralt is a Witcher. Yes, Geralt can play a game of Gwent. Yes, Geralt is one of the greatest Casanovas in the industry. But what about his origins? For the next Witcher game, if there ever will be one, we would like to see more on how Geralt became the Geralt we know of today. And surely, CD Projekt RED doesn't require us to tell them that a new Witcher game could entirely be based on Geralt's previous exploits in life.

More Improved Combat... Just Maybe?

Don't get us wrong here. The overall combat mechanics in The Witcher 3 is quite the upgrade over the Witcher titles of the past, and we were really impressed by how smoothly things worked out. However, there is always room for improvement, and the next Witcher in line could try and make the combat mechanics even more fluid than before. For example, the next Witcher could take lessons from the likes of Dark Souls or Bloodborne. We really loved the combat mechanics involved in those titles. Just imagine if that was to blend with the dynamism of The Witcher; the very thought blows our minds.

A New Witcher

Sure Geralt has been the face of the series since the first game came out, but then again, the game is called The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, not Geralt 3: The Wild Hunt. So is there any possibility on the horizon that there will be a new Witcher that will take up the reigns in a future Witcher game? We wouldn't mind, as well as fans, provided the new guy has the same kind of charisma and dynamism as Geralt. Maybe, set the game a hundred years after the incidents of Witcher 3, which will present us with a new Witcher? We are just throwing it out in the open as a possibility.

New Magic and Spell Abilities

We have no complaints about the kind of magical properties that Geralt can use to his advantage. As of now, Geralt utilises one-handed magic spells in combat called Signs to ward off threats. There are as many as five different Signs that Geralt can use at his disposal – Aard, Igni, Yrden, Quen and Axii. Needless to say, each of the Signs brings their own distinctive advantages whenever Geralt is in a puddle. But what about adding more new Signs with added advantages? We don't think it's a bad idea.

What are the additions you would like to see for the next Witcher title? Let us know in the comments section below.

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