The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt open world map
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt open world

The Places of Power in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a big deal if you are looking to acquire an upper hand in the in-game combat. These Places of Power are scattered across the world, with each one of them represented via a stone structure, also marked with one of Witcher's Signs.

For each of the Places of Power you locate in the game, you will receive a bonus Ability Point. And as you journey through the vast land of The Witcher 3, you will come across many such structures that you can use to boost the sign it will represent.

For the time being, though, we are only concentrating on all the Places of Power that you could locate in the Skellige Isles. This guide will help you locate all such Places of Power in the area so that you can breathe easily in the later stages of the game.

Places of Power Locations – Skellige Area

Crossroads: While in the Skellige area, travel to the Crossroads sign post and fast travel to the place where the shipwreck in the beginning took place that originally brought you to the Skellige Isles. You should be able to locate a partially-submerged Place of Power lying just adjacent to the shipwreck. Head over to the location and extract the skill point.

Gedyneith: This is where you will head over to the other side of Ard Skellige, and on to the Gedyneith signpost. From here on, there are two separate ways of reaching the Place of Power. As far as the hard way of reaching the location is concerned, know that you will have to fight a Cyclops on the way. For the easier way, try bypassing him until you reach a further point to the north. From there, you will need to head east towards the building that have been outlined on the map. Once you enter the enclosure from the northern side, you should locate a few climbable ledges just on your right. Climb up them to arrive at the location.

Druid's Camp: From here on, you will travel to Druid's Camp, located southwest of the second Place of Power mentioned above. There aren't any enemies that you need to tackle here to get to the location. When you are at the Druid's Camp signpost, walk towards the east and into the forest until you locate it.

Fornhala: Like Druid's Camp, this is also one of the easiest Places of Power to locate. You will need to fast travel to Fornhala and walk up the road that goes south of Fornhala. If you keep following the road that's built along the snowy mountain, you should be able to spot the Place of Power protruding out from a rock. Reach the location and absorb the skill point.

Svorlag: To reach this Place of Power, fast travel to the Svorlag signpost on the island of Spikeroon, located northwest of the main island. From here, move along the path that takes you out of the village, until you reach a huge abandoned building. When inside the building, to the left of the main entrance, you should locate a low ledge. Climb up the ledge, through the snow, until you have reached the top, where you will locate the Place of Power.

Harviken: Now head back to the town and fast-travel to the Harviken signpost. When you have reached the place, just head west (the road out of town) until you come across the fork in the road. Take the path that goes left, until you come across yet another fork. On the second fork, take a right and follow it up the hill until you come across a shrine. The Place of Power will be located just to the left of the shrine.

Yngvar's Fang: This one requires a bit of time and exploration before you can come across the Place of Power. You will need to fast travel to the island located in the north-eastern side from your point with the help of the Urialla Harbour signpost. From there, take the road moving east of the town and follow it.

This is where you will encounter a rock troll. Defeat the rock troll and keep following the path until you are required to make a couple of jumps across the gaps. Once you make the second jump, get ready to face an aerial ambush from a few Harpies and Sirens. After you defeat them, jump onto a few more ledges and take the road round the edge of the mountain. This is where you will locate castle ruins.

From there, drop down to the ditch and walk through an archway before jumping onto another ledge. When in the middle of the ruins, move left up the stairs and continue along a series of ledges. Head through the doorway and traverse a few more ledges, but keep a look-out for the ever-thickening fog. Follow the way until you come across the clearing, and eventually at Yngvar's Fang.

Bridge to Kaer Trolde: This one will be obtained during the quest of 'King's Gambit'. Head deep inside the fortress of Kaer Trolde and you should be able to locate the Place of Power. If you move into the wine cellars from the main hall, you should be able to locate an escape tunnel. Move into the escape tunnel and you will locate the Place of Power.

Ancient Crypt: When undertaking the 'Sunstone' quest, you will be granted access to the Ancient Crypt on Ard Skellig. When in the Ancient Crypt, move through the chambers with Philipa Eilhart. From there, you should come across a massive hooded statue, linked by a cavern. Move in and you should locate the Place of Power in one of the side caverns.

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