The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt recently released patch 1.11.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt recently received new patch 1.11 from developer CD Projekt RED and it contained fixes for some of the outstanding issues in the game.

Patch 1.11 for The Witcher 3 brings fix for Skellige's most wanted contract bug, performance improvements on PS4 and more.

But sadly, the patch has also added new bugs to the game leading to not-so-good experience for players. The patch has added more issues and glitches to the game.

Reddit user arcline111 has a started a thread on the bugs, issues and glitches following patch 1.11.

He mentioned how he got an error message with regards to KNG Ultimate Lighting and the game was unable to be launched. Even after reinstalling, he said that compass for the spells would not open on Steam.

Below are the bugs, issues and glitches that the players have found in The Witcher 3:

  • Hiding HUD disables Dialogue options. It can't be turn back during the conversation.
  • Venomous viper swords acquired in normal mode (lvl. 39) still lose their texture in NG+
  • The crate carriers of Skellige have reverted to doing the silly walk.
  • All the hair styles from the DLC aren't responding still, if you select any hair style, it just sticks with the original. These same things happen with the beard.
  • Geralt doesn't leave footprints in the mud, sand etc. Also texture is fading, i.e. foliage on gates in Oxenfurt, buildings in general.
  • Radovid's ship in Oxenfurt has weird huge black blocks of texture that's jutting out of the ship that covers the entirety of the ship.
  • Some enemies in bandit camps or abandoned camps don't move, stand there like stumps. It's worse in the case of abandoned camps because even though you can technically kill the enemy, who still just stands there like nothing happened even if you killed him. The cutscene where the villagers comeback to the camp doesn't happen and that guy still is there like a stump even after you wait a few days, the sole enemy. (One time I cut the "enemy bandit" in half, he's still "alive" since the "talk" option is available when I stand near him even though only half his body is standing.)
  • Invisible Rain glitch returns
  • The "Take What You Want" quest has enemies with empty health bars and now I don't even get a marker on the map after tracking the quest. 1.10 had the enemies with empty health bars and it said they were level -1. Now they move and attack but are not killable.
  • Excessive blurring for 3-5sec after exiting conversations or merchant windows
  • Pinning recipes (alchemy or blacksmith) will show the recipe on the right but will no longer highlight items in the merchant inventory like it used to
  • There is no longer a prompt (Left Trigger with a controller) to compare gear in the merchant inventory. Horse armor, however, can still be compared and has a prompt on the bottom.
  • "Wild Rose Dethorned" trophy still won't pop.
  • The Romance scene with Shani is still broken.
  • The Levity/Balance/Heft exploit of increased stats, with incorrect stamina regen value is still present in 1.11
  • Roach still has a black coat for me even though the patch notes said that they fixed this.
  • Swordsman person in distress in NG+ near Mulbrydale is bugged, doesn't say anything, doesn't move, poi doesn't clear. Venomous Viper swords carried from normal mode have random textures in NG+ also, equipping the devil saddle keeps bugging roach out, when u remove it, Mane disappears then randomly appears, colour changes back to normal.
  • In Gwent and inventory, when you hover over cards, their description has missing string. Like "Gwent_card_desc" etc.
  • NPCs does not have sword sheaths on their back
  • I can't hide the HUD, it seems that the key unbounds itself every time I try to use it, everytime I check options it says "Hide/Show HUD : None"
  • Running the vanilla game, I load my save and all the villagers in the town Im near (the one of HoS) disappeared as well as all the water in the lake. No monsters spawn when they're supposed to either. It's really weird. I tried to rollback, but now the game won't launch.
  • Got some weird textures - cutscene in Kaer Morhen, the door behind Geralt just went a sort of speckly black and white. Roach became just a pair of eyeballs. And if I ride in Ursine armour, when I dismount it loses the "skirt" bit and becomes a wait-length jacket.
  • Still getting the "duck walk five feet off the ground" graphics glitch.
  • The quest "The Drakenborg Redemption" is broken, you can find the quest while looking for jade for the Ofieri. Even though you can collect the reward the quest never shows that it has been completed.
  • Every time my game launches it minimises instantly and i can't open it... at first I assumed it was mods so I uninstalled them all and reinstalled original files (w/e it's called through steam) didn't work so i completely new installed The Witcher 3 and same problem.
  • Rune effects on swords not working. Chernobog give zero ATK
  • Missing items in general tab of the character menu.