The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
The Witcher 3: Wild

CD Projekt RED's upcoming open world RPG The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is inching closer to release. The game made news all through 2014 and is finally getting ready for one last hurrah that would successfully leverage the title above others.

Recently, senior game designer Damien Monnier took to Twitter to answer a host of questions from fans about the game, and also gave away a number of interesting information related to Geralt's upcoming exploits.

Here's a detailed list of everything Monnier revealed about the upcoming game.

The Role of Andrzej Sapkowski

In case you don't know, Andrzej Sapkowski's was the original author of the IP. When asked if "Sapkowsky himself have any influence on the making of the witcher 3 directly," Monnier said, "He was involved at the beginning but since W3 is set after the books our writers took over."

You Can Carry Over Tattoos

Monnier was asked whether he could carry over Geralt's tattoo from TW2 to TW3. He affirmed that it is indeed possible, provided one has played both the game on PC, and still have the PC saves from the last game.

The Dark Souls Influence

Interestingly enough, Monnier also revealed a bit on the kind of the combat system we will get to see from the new Witcher. When asked, "What do you, as a game designer, think of the Dark Souls combat system" and whether "it would work with the Witcher," Monnier replied: "I love it, ours is similar in fact. Responsive, fast. Big influence for sure."

A Game Story with Divided Acts

Even if they aren't displayed, it seems like the game's story will be divided into acts, with the quests spanning between these acts. When a fan asked "I love the interconnected sidequest design back in TW1 and that quest went on over several chapters. How is it in TW3,?" Monnier replied, "we have acts, we don't specifically show which one you're in (just internal use for writers) & yes quests will span between them."

Big, Free DLCs

When asked about the kind of DLCs (and its content) we will get to see for the game, Monnier said although the DLCs will be free, it won't be small and will include quests. He added, "There will be quests too so not small at all."

Accessible for New Comers

One of the gamers asked, "How accessible is the game for people like me who never played the first two games?" Monnier, referring to the game's accessibility value, said: "We spent a lot of time making sure that new comers would be up to speed super quickly. Lot of play testing."

Geralt's the new Beckham

Apparently, for the new Witcher, players will be able to customize Geralt's hair anyway they like. "I love the beard-growing feature you revealed," said one fan. "What else can we customize to make Gerald look awesome?" Monnier replied: "Hair too. Beard growing is old (year old feature) and we actually forgot about it until somebody pointed it out."

200+ Hours of Gameplay

The Witcher 3 is coming as one of the most extensive games of all time, as far as gameplay duration is concerned. On asked about the length of the game (including the side quests), Monnier revealed that if you are bent upon taking up every single side quest in the game, aside playing the actual story, it could take you more than 200 hours to complete.

A Bit on Ciri

"Compared to Gerald, how will it feel to play as Ciri? The whole thing? Fighting, magic, witcher-senses," was another question. Monnier replied by saying that she's a tough cookie to crack. "Faster, weaker but with some magic moves and abilities unique to her." He added that "she's different. Still 3rd person but she's faaaaaaast and I mean it. If you blink you'll miss her."

Weather Affects the NPCs

The upcoming Witcher is said to offer a system where the weather will affect the behaviour of the NPCs. "Does the weather affect the habits of NPCs? And can it be so worse, that it's dangerous do go outside," Monnier was asked. He stated that not only the weather affects the NPCs behaviour, but storms don't scare people anymore.

The Witcher 3 for PS4

There's great confusion all around regarding The Witcher's PS4 version. However, you can lay fears to rest with Monnier saying: "Sometimes our fans understand us more than we can say. Don't worry about a thing. You have my word," when asked whether there's any news available of the game's gameplay on a PS4.

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