New york storm (Grayson)
New York set to be impacted with a winter storm 'Grayson' this week.twitter

The winter storm Grayson is set to strike the North-eastern United States, impacting the areas with heavy snow and harsh temperatures by this week. The city of New York is set to get at least 4 inches of snow, a forecast that has led New Yorkers prepare for the "bomb cyclone."

Around the New York boroughs, starting from 5 am or 6 am, Manhattan is set to get around 3 inches of snow, whereas areas like Queens and Brooklyn are expected to get 4 inches to 8 inches of snowfall, say experts.

"The coldest day on record in New York for January 6 was set in 1896, when temperatures fell to -2 degrees Fahrenheit. I don't expect we will break that but we'll be coming close," AccuWeather meteorologist Dave Dombek was quoted by New York Post as saying.

Grayson could result in blizzard-like conditions across the east coast, according to meteorologists, as the cyclone is set to impact New England and states like Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

According to reports from the US National Weather Service, winter storm warnings have been issued in areas such as Northern Florida, South-eastern Georgia and Eastern Carolina, as these places are likely to be heavily impacted. The storm has led to schools being shut in these states as the weather forecast suggests the place could be hit with severe weather conditions.

Power outages are likely to be a consequence during the winter storm as winds up to 40-50 mph are expected to hit New York.

Futhermore, New York commuters are expected to face difficulties as heavy snow and strong winds are predicted for Thursday.