Android may be the most popular platform for developers, but Windows Phone developers earn almost double the amount in comparison.

A report by InMobi, titled "State of Mobile App Developers 2016", which surveyed more than 1,000 mobile developers across 155 countries, said Android and iOS dominate the global developer mindshare at 86 percent and 57 percent, respectively, compared to Windows Phone's 21 percent. 

App developers prefer to adopt the Android OS before taking up other platforms, said the report. Being an open source platform, Android provides numerous functionalities and benefits across different operating systems and easier access to testing devices.

However, the survey also found that Windows Phone app developers earn much more than developers of apps for other operating system. The report said the Windows Phone platform is the highest money-maker, at $11,400 per month per app, while that of iOS stands at $8,100 per month per app and Android, $4,900 per month per app.

The report said Windows Phone app developers earn the highest monthly revenue as app discoverability is way easier and competition among apps is much less, considering the fact that the app store is not fragmented like its counterparts in Android and iOS.

Meanwhile, majority of developers expect to increase their business with Android and iOS in the next three years. Android tops the list with 75 percent, followed by 61 percent for iOS, 28 percent for Windows Phone and 35 percent for Mobile Web.

InMobi's report also claimed mobile app development firms are relatively small with 8 percent of them having grown to over 20 employees and 2.47 percent of respondents work by themselves. It went on to say 42 percent of app developers have one to three apps on Google's Play Store, whereas 28 percent of app developers have 1-3 apps on Apple iOS.

InMobi undertook the survey in an attempt to understand the ever-growing mobile app ecosystem better.