Nokia Lumia 920 with Windows Phone 8 OS in California 2012.
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer displays a Nokia Lumia 920 featuring Windows Phone 8 during an event in San Francisco, California October 29, 2012.Reuters

Gameloft, one of the leading video game developer and publisher for smartphones, has introduced a new title Total Conquest for both Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms.

Total Conquest is a strategic game which has been available for Android and iOS users in their respective app markets.

Some of the features of the game are:

Building a Roman Province

-Users can build and manage their own city-state in their own ways.

-Users would also have to protect their cities by building towers, traps, walls, gates and other garrisoned units.

Fight Battles

-Players can hire, train and upgrade 10 different types of units with each having a unique specialised role.

-A solo campaign can also be fought which will help players to make unique attacking and defending strategies.

-Players can also battle against each other from around the globe.

Legion Wars

-Players are free to create or join a legion of powerful players.

-Coordination with allies would help the players win battles.

-Users can increase their legion ranking and earn awards.

The app is free-to-play from the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store. For phone, the download size comes to 158MB and is said to work well in devices with 512MB RAM. The Windows 8 version's size comes to 186.6MB.

Animal Park Tycoon Arrives in Windows Phone Store

Along with Total Conquest, a management-themed game has also arrived on the Windows Phone Store - Animal Park Tycoon.

Animal Park Tycoon places the user in charge of a zoo. The user begins with building fences, buying animals and other attractions and goes on to build his or her zoo empire.

More number of attractions and new animals add to the park's popularity which results in more number of customers, generating revenues for the zoo.

Some of the key features of the game include:

-Collecting and managing up to 15 species of animals and unlocking new species.

-Users will get to play in six different environments which include Plains, Savannah, Polar Region, Mountains, Jungle and Swamp.

-Two legendary animals can be unlocked to make the park popular - Unicorn and Cthulhu.

Several mini games are also available within the app to keep users engaged.

Animal Park Tycoon is a free-to-download game for Windows-based devices and is available in the Windows App Market.