It is not a big secret; Windows 10 has brought overnight success for Microsoft. Interestingly, the secret behind the success is hidden in a series of hot key combinations that you could use to enhance your computing experience.

Here are a few hidden tips and tricks in Microsoft's Windows 10.

Resize Windows

Windows 10 lets you control your desktop like never before. Not only the latest Windows update trimmed down the window border but offers you enough flexibility to move or place windows as per your convenience.

Along with previous editions' mouse controls, Windows 10 has added the much required keyboard shortcuts to place multiple windows at your desired desktop location. For using that, open a few apps and hold down the Windows key on your keyboard and try all the four arrow combination to notice the location changes.

Record your Gaming Session

You can record your gaming sessions anytime and share it with your friends or groups on social communities. For recording your gameplay, press Windows, Alt and R button together. For stopping the recording session, use the same key combination again.

Create Virtual Desktop

Windows 10 lets you create multiple desktops for different purposes. For instance, you can create separate desktops for work, image editing, games and leisure. You can easily switch between desktops whenever required, create as many desktops you want to and kill those not required.

For creating a virtual desktop, press Windows + CTRL + D key combinations together and for closing a virtual desktop. press Windows + Ctrl + F4 together. For switching between desktops, click Windows + CTRL + Left or Right arrow button.

Open Task View and Switch between Windows

Apart from creating desktops through the above mentioned way, you can manage your desktop sessions and re-arrange apps in another manner. Click and hold Windows + Tab together to open the task view. The desktop will show all the opened apps in a mosaic view and show the desktops at the bottom of the screen. You can create or kill any desktop you want. You can also drag and drop any opened apps into your preferred desktop.

You can use the older Alt+Tab hotkey combination for switching between apps.

Open Task Bar Program

In Windows 10, you can easily open the programs that appear on your system task bar through some easy key combinations. Try holding the Windows key and press 1, 2, 3 or the desired sequence of that particular app to open directly.

Control your PC

Like previous editions, you can lock or shutdown your computer without using the mouse. Click the Windows and L button together to lock your system or click the Windows and X button together then press U button to shutdown your system.