Will you Marry a rape victim

The video "Will You Marry a Rape Victim?" by a Youtube channel WTF India gathers people's opinion, from older to younger ones, regarding the sensitive issue.

We have a society that conducts debates and discussions every now and then to express their concern and sympathy to rape victims and aggressive nature to the rapists. It is not a big deal to go on protests and post comments about it, but when it comes to the question of marrying a rape victim, how would you react?

In the video, some elderly people opined that they won't let their sons to marry rape victims due to many reasons and some youngsters also responded negatively to the question.

When raised the question to an old man, he answered, "I want a clear girl because my son is clear."

The two minute video clip was posted on YouTube on 3 August, which has gone viral and has received more than three lakh views at the time of reporting.

Watch the video below:

While many responded to the question negatively, there were some young heros who showed their positive attitude towards the issue. One answered that he would marry a raped girl and said, "People should change their mentality. Treat the girls equally without taking her as a rape victim."

Hang the rapist not the victim

"Yes, why not?" was the response from another youngster. He asked, "What is wrong with the girl if she is raped?" and added "I think the person who committed the rape should be hanged."

While the video is going viral, some jotted down their opinion about the issue on the video sharing website. Here are some of the comments:

Dylan Graves: Interesting seeing how other cultures view this issue. My fiancee is a rape victim, so I am extremely saddened by some of the responses to this, but also extremely hopeful for others.

Tushar Jain: "Finally, one sensible social experiment. I like how the generation gap was covered in this video. Honestly, there is nothing wrong in marrying a rape victim."

HeartBrokenBiker: And for anyone doing so, I'd suggest not to do it out of sympathy.
You can outgrow sympathy someday. Do it if you genuinely like that person.

Meanwhile, a Youtube user named Ashlee J Mathew expressed her doubt by asking "I dont know if those guys who said they will marry a rape victim said that in the limelight attention! God bless them for at least saying so..."