Sushanth, Mahesh Babu, Vijay and Yash
Sushanth, Mahesh Babu, Vijay and Yash.PR Handout

Playing the roles of vigilante or taking on mafias in movies have been effortlessly done by Thalapathy Vijay in his over-two-decade career. Now, here is one more offer that demands him to tackle a serious issue which has been widely debated in the last four years.

Author Suchitra Rao has said that she wants to see Vijay playing the lead role if her book, The Highway Mafia, based on cattle trafficking, is made into a feature film. Likewise, she has suggested the names of Mahesh Babu for the Telugu version, Yash for the Kannada version and Sushanth Singh Rajput for the Bollywood version.

"I am in the early stages of making 'The Highway Mafia' into a Movie. I have already approached production houses who have agreed to consider funding provided I get the right crew to make the movie. So am in the process of finding an apt director. I would definitely be taking the inputs of my director for the lead roles," The Author News quoted her as saying.

According to her, the cinema medium has the power to reach out to the masses and she wants the movie made on The Highway Mafia to be a successful venture

What is the book all about?
The movie revolves around young businessman Arjun and Sana. Their normal lives turn topsy turvy once they take on the cattle traffickers. The movie tries to expose the modus operandi of cattle mafia, the business around it and about the demand for the meat in the Middle East.

The cattle trafficking issue has gained relevance in India ever since the BJP government came to power in 2014. There are numerous incidents where cops and public have caught the thieves. The shocking part of the story is that the people took law in their hands and killed the suspects on a few occasions.

The ruling BJP and the oppositions have used the issue for political advantage and to score brownie points over each other. However, it is a sensitive subject and interesting to see whether the big names take up the movie, considering the wraths it might face from the political parties.