Sonakshi Sinha recently attended her best friend's wedding, and it looks like the actress herself will soon prepare for marriage, if a traditional ritual is anything to go by.

Apart from the pictures Sonakshi has been sharing from the wedding of her best friend, the actress also shared a video on Instagram of the Kalire ceremony.

The Kalire ceremony is a ritual in which the bride's unmarried women friends sit in a row and she shakes the kalire she is wearing on her hands on the heads of the girls. It is believed that if any part of the ornament falls on any of the girls, that particular girl will be the next to be married.

The ritual was held at Sonakshi's friend's wedding as well, and the actress sat for the Kalire ceremony. The Instagram video shows Sonakshi was the girl on whom the kalire fell, and she looked extremely excited about it.

She shared the video with the caption saying, "The kaliras fell on ONE girl. And guess who it had to be!!!!! I think she did it on purpose (sic)."

After Geeta's Basra's marriage, actress Hazel Keech got engaged of late, and if the belief behind Kalire ritual turns out to be true, Sonakshi can be next in the list.

Check the video below.