Justin Bieber recently instagrammed an elegant picture of Selena Gomez from a pre-Oscar party, and in his attempt to win her back, he captioned the photo 'Most Elegant Princess In The World'.

Bieber posted the pictures just after Drake hinted in his new song that he would like to hook up with the "Come And Get It" singer. So will Gomez go back to Bieber and toss away Drake's enticing offer?  

Drake, in his new song "Who Do You Love", faintly mentions Gomez when he sings "I'mma crush that a** even if it ain't too big". And those who have been following Gomez's interviews religiously would know what she once stated in an interview that her butt is not big enough for Drake.

Gomez and Drake were linked heavily several times in the past, and with Drake's recent hint, it was not a shocker when Bieber reacted by giving a sweet compliment to Gomez. Jelena fans might wonder that after Bieber's sweet deed will Gomez consider reuniting?

"Selena has seen what Justin tweeted about her and thought it was really sweet. This is the Justin she would go back to, but she knows too well that it's not realistic. He says he's going to do this and that and begs for her to come back, but then his actions end up not matching his words," a source revealed, as reported by Hollywood Life.

Gomez and Bieber have gone through major ups and down in their relationship, and considering what has happened in past, Gomez fans are not sure whether she will take back Bieber even now.

So do you think Jelena reunion can happen or Drake's offer is too enticing to give away? Leave your comments below and for further updates on the story, stay tuned.