Following the success of "Kick", Salman Khan is now prepping for "Kick 2". Although "Kick" was a remake of Telugu superstar Ravi Teja's film of the same name, Salman Khan's "Kick 2" is less likely to be a remake of the sequel of the Telugu version.

Ravi Teja's "Kick 2" was released on 21 August and the actor calls it the biggest movie of his career. When asked if Salman Khan's "Kick 2" will again be a remake of his film, the Telugu actor replied in the negative.

"I don't think Salman's 'Kick 2' will be a remake of my 'Kick 2'. I know the Hindi producers were waiting for 'Kick 2' to come out. But I think they have other plans," Bollywood Hungama quoted Ravi Teja as saying.

Salman and Ravi Teja reportedly had a conversation regarding their respective versions of "Kick 2" during the 60th birthday bash of Chiranjeevi.

The report also quoted a source at the event as saying, "Salman greeted the original 'Kick' star Ravi Teja very warmly with a hug and a smile. They spoke for quite a while. Salman Khan was curious about 'Kick 2' in Telugu which has just been released. When Ravi told Salman about a double role in 'Kick 2', Salman said he too is playing a double role in the 'Kick' sequel but Salman is not doing a remake of Ravi Teja's 'Kick 2'."

Although Ravi Teja's words and other reports suggest that Salman Khan's "Kick 2" will not be a sequel of the Telugu version, Salman will also reportedly play double roles in the upcoming sequel, like Ravi Teja did.