Bigg Boss Tamil
Sakshi Agarwal out of Bigg Boss Tamil 3.PR Handout

Sakshi Agarwal's emotional drama does not seem to have gone well with the fans of the Bigg Boss Tamil 3 as the audience want her to be shown the door this week. Apart from her, Abhirami Venkatachalam, Kavin, Madhumitha and Reshma are in the danger zone.

Going by the responses online, people have been expressing their displeasure over her conduct in Bigg Boss Tamil 3. Many believe that she creates rift among the inmates for her personal safety. Initially, she targeted Abhirami for her survival and later she used Kavin to create content for the show, the netizens complain.

According to Sakshi, Kavin played with her emotions for which he apologised two weeks ago. Yet the issue has continued to create issues between them even today.

This week too, Sakshi vented out her frustration over Kavin for bonding with Losliya and acussing him of showing no respect towards her feelings. The viewers feel that she is playing victim card to gain sympathy of the audience.

Unfortunately, it is likely to backfire her as people want her to be out of the show.

Coming to the performances in the tasks, Madhumitha has performed well and she is considered to be safe, while Abhirami and Reshma have failed to impress the audience in the tasks given to them by the Bigg Boss this week.

Although the trend seems to be indicating that Sakshi might be out of the Kamal Haasan-hosted  how, the eviction will depend on how other nominees in the danger zone fare in the voting. 

Veena The Believer❤️: Yesterday's full episode was dedicated to the trio #kavin #losliya and #sakshi. Each of them is to be blamed but then #sakshi is dragging it way too much. She wanted votes and she has achieved it I guess strategy
#Biggboss3tamil #BiggBossTamil

behonest: #Sakshi successfully completed backstabbing almost all ladies in #BiggBossTamil3 includes #Vanitha #fathimababu #AbhiramiVenkhatasalam #Reshma #Losiliya #Madhumita #Meera now towards guys..

Suban: I don't support kavin in the beginning
he harvested what he planted
now I feel pity for him.
#SAKSHI use this opportunity to extend the drama & try to play self victim card
& she also drag down #Losliya
#Sakshi is not afraid of shortfilm, feels like she ALL-IN

Tara: Seriously Sakshi is just impossible...!!!
sir...Plz note her intentions of defaming #Kavin...She is gng to any extent to show him negative before HM and people...She needs to be taught a lesson...

Akash: Yes, KH also told it should be stopped at that point and not dig further, he also knows a limit. It came as issue because #Sakshi brought it up , now she didn't get any story so again patch up with #Kavin and same story, if she remains it ll go in loop!!