The makers of RRR have been promoting their movie in many parts of the country and meeting lots of journalists. So far, they have carried out their promotions without any controversies. The team has smartly avoided tricky situations and managed to carry out the campaign in a positive way.

Junior NTR and Ram Charan's RRR.PR Handout

In fact, the team has avoided talking about the ticket price issue in Andhra and focused on trying to get maximum media coverage by talking more and more about RRR.

Tricky Question
Well, the makers almost faced an unexpected situation in Bengaluru on Saturday when a journalist asked the team whether RRR has answers to the ongoing religious issues and ideological turmoil in India.

It is a complicated question as the response might create an unnecessary controversy. However, the response by Junior NTR silenced the journalist.

What exactly journalist asked?
"Is there an answer in RRR to the ongoing religious and ideological turmoil in the country?"

Junior NTR: I prefer not answering this question. Even if I answer that as you said the answer will be going to be highlighted than RRR. I will only talk about RRR, a film which can be watched with your family.

NTR's birthday poster from RRR
Junior NTR from SS Rajamouli's upcoming movie RRRTwitter

The audience will go through emotional turmoil. As my director Rajamouli promised, you will have fun, you will have nail-biting situations, you will want to kick your seats that you are sitting on, you want to tear the shirts that you are sitting on, you want to tear the screens, you will go through lots of emotions and RRR is a wholesome entertainer.

The answer by Junior NTR ended the issue without putting the film in trouble.