Fans of South Korean actor Ji Chang-wook have been wishing for a long time that he and rumoured girlfriend Kim Joo-ri tie the knot. However, it seems quite a long shot, especially since Glourious Entertainment, Chan-wook's agency, has denied that he is even dating former Miss South Korea (2009).

The rumours about the two South Korean heartthrobs dating first surfaced after netizens started collecting evidence to prove that the 'couple' have been sharing accessories. The fans compiled photos shared by "Healer" star Ji Chang-Wook and Kim Joo-ri to prove that they bought sunglasses together and are spending more downtime together than they are letting on.

However, contradicting the claims that the supermodel and actor are buying jewellery together, Glourious Entertainment released the statement, "The necklace was a gift that Ji Chang-Wook's Chinese fans gave him. We don't know whether or not Kim Joo-ri happened to purchase the same necklace. The sunglasses are a new trending item that his stylist brought for him." They also went on to add that the duo are merely part of a large group of friends that hang out so often.

It can be assumed that the rumoured will not be getting married any time soon, even though they might be dating secretly. However, fans are still waiting cross-fingered to hear wedding bells.

Ji Chang Wook, Kim Joo-ri and their shared accessories
Ji Chang-wook, Kim Joo-ri and their shared accessoriesInstagram/Kim Joo-ri, Ji Chang-wook