Even as Apple fans and gadget lovers around the world are eagerly awaiting the release of the upcoming device, dubbed as iPhone 6s, there are suggestions that the device may release as iPhone 7.

The Cupertino giant is expected to unveil its iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus at its scheduled event on 9 September.

Interestingly, Apple fans seem to be more eager to see iPhone 7 than the "S" generation of iPhone 6. A couple of billboards have surfaced asking the company to name its upcoming device as iPhone 7.

According to a report by BGR, a truck parked outside Apple's glass retail store in Manhattan also reads: "Dear Apple, please call it the iPhone 7." Interestingly, an advertising firm called "6S" also has put up a billboard at the Times Square that reads: "Dear Universe, Please call in the iPhone 7", though for a different reason.

"Our name is very important to us. After the iPhone 4S and 5S launched, we realized that our once-unique name could be in jeopardy, linked to the most popular mobile device in the world. We love Apple's products; most of us use iPhones on a daily basis, and we're flattered to potentially share the same name. However, we would prefer that Apple change the naming convention and consider calling their next phone the iPhone 7," said 6S marketing president Chris Breikss in the company's ad.

Well, Apple is unlikely to name its upcoming device as iPhone 7 now, as very few days are left to announcement. Moreover, iPhone 6s will come with several feature upgrades over its predecessor, but may not be big enough to take the name iPhone 7.

Apple launched iPhone 5 in 2012, then went on to release its upgraded versions – iPhone 5s and 5c. So the company is expected to follow the same for its iPhone 6 which was released last year. There are also reports that iPhone 7 should come in 2016 with significant changes.