American Horror Story
Pictured: The poster for American Horror Story Season 6.Facebook/American Horror Story

The Season 6 premiere of American Horror Story not only introduced viewers to the new theme of the show -- My Roanoke Nightmare – but it may also have given fans an idea of how the present season is connected to the first one.

Chapter 2 once again gave viewers a glimpse of the pig man, and according to one popular theory the person under the mask is none other than Evan Peters. However, Peters has been evasive about his role in Season 6 of the horror drama, only confirming that he dyed his hair red for the role. But according to Reddit users, this is all the evidence they need to connect Peters to the pig man.

As fans of American Horror Story would recall, Season 1 featured the legend of the pig man. Derick, one of Ben's patients, revealed that he feared he would be killed if he looked into a mirror and chanted "Here piggy, pig, pig" three times, as he believed it would summon a man with a pig's head who would murder you.

According to Derick, the man with the pig head was formerly a hog butcher who lived during the World's Fair of 1893. Apparently, he would don a pig's mask and snort before selecting his prey so as to fool the pigs into thinking he was one of them. But one day when he slipped and fell the pigs devoured him and he later returned as a ghost to terrorise the citizens of Chicago.

It remains to be seen if there is really a connection between the first and sixth seasons or if the introduction of the pig man is just a coincidence. But one thing that was aplenty in chapter 2 were pigs. Viewers were shown a tree with pig tails nailed to it, a giant burning structure that was filled with pig guts and heads, and Kathy Bates' character burning alive a man with a pig's head stuck to his head.

American Horror Story airs Wednesdays at 10pm ET on FX. Chapter 3 will air on September 28. It is written by James Wong and directed by Jennifer Lynch.