In a study reported in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, intake of blueberries delayed progression of prehypertension and improved arterial stiffness.Mr. T in DC/Flickr

Is a high fat diet too tempting for you to resist? Try eating some wild blueberries to cancel the damage.

Latest research shows that wild blueberries can help minimise the negative impact associated with eating a high fat diet.

The Finland researchers based their findings on the experiments they conducted on mice.

The rodents received a high fat diet for a period of 90 days. Frozen blueberries were included in some diets.

Researchers analysed inflammatory cell, cytokine levels, systolic blood pressure, insulin sensitivity and weight gain in the mice.

Results showed that blueberries were highly effective in fighting the negative effects of a high fat diet. They reduced inflammation and brought down high blood pressure associated with eating a high fat diet.

"Bilberries reduce the development of systemic inflammation and prevent the progression of chronic hypertension, thus supporting their potential role in alleviating the adverse health effects associated with developing obesity," the authors from the University of Eastern Finland, while concluding their study, wrote.

The study has been reported in PLOS ONE.

Similarly, a study reported early this month showed that polyphenols in potatoes were highly effective in preventing weight gain from a high- fat diet.

Blueberry- Nutrition

Blueberry, which is native to North America, is low in fat, but high in vitamin C, vitamin K, fibre, manganese, copper and antioxidants- anthocyanins, pigments which give fruits, vegetables and fruits red, purple or blue colour.

The main anthocyanins in blueberries, according to the world's healthiest foods (WHfoods), are malvidins, delphinidins, pelargonidins, cyanidins and peonidins.

The phytonutrients in blueberries include flavonols (kaempferol, quercetin, myricetin); hydroxybenzoic acids (gallic acids, procatchuic acids); hydroxycinnamic acids (caffeic acids, ferulic acids, coumaric acids); pterostilbene and resveratrol.

Health Benefits

Following are some health benefits of blueberries as provided by WHfoods and NHS choices UK:

  • Boosts memory
  • Helps ward off heart diseases
  • Protects against cancer
  • Helps manage blood sugar
  • Prevents oxygen damages to retina
  • Improves the innate immune system and helps fight infections