WikiLeaks, the international organisation known for publishing confidential information about governments, has pulled up an Indian group for using its name and writing controversial posts on Twitter. 

A Twitter account named WikiLeaks4India, with a similarly named handle @wikileaks4india, has been posting controversial material, including on the issue of cow slaughter and beef, sensitive topics in India in recent months. 

WikiLeaks4India, which claims to be a news organisation, is located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It's Twitter profile reads as: "A healthy transparent, inquisitive journalistic media plays a vital role in democracy.The motive of#WikiLeaks4India is to revive journalism in India".

On Tuesday, WikiLeaks put up a post on its official Twitter account claiming the handle was using its name without permission and trying to "stir tensions between Hindus and Muslims".

WikiLeaks4India reportedly held a press conference in Noida on Monday to reveal findings from a sting operation called "Operation Cow". 

Madan Mohit Bhardwaj, the founder of WikiLeaks4India, told The Times of India its press conference, to purportedly reveal that several five-star hotels in Delhi were serving beef, was disrupted. 

He also said his organisation was not associated with Julian Assange's WikiLeaks. 

According to The Hindu, the five-star hotels named in the sting increased their security cover following threats from right-wing groups. 

The Hindu Sena, which was behind the police raid on Kerala House over reports that beef was being served there, has reportedly threatened action against the hotels as well.