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A woman says ended her marriage after discovering that her husband is cheating – sounds nothing new, right? Well, in this case, the women got to know about her husband's affair while going through her Instagram feed. The woman spotted a picture with the view from her bedroom window - on another woman's Instagram profile.

Russian Yulia Agranovych, from Russia was scrolling through her Instagram feed when she found a picture with the caption 'City Lights' on an account belonging to Vlada Abramovich. And, the shocking part was that it was the view from her bedroom.

Yulia, from St Petersburg, Russia said: "I wasn't searching for anything, it was a normal morning."

But, after the noticing that picture, she continued looking through the account and discovered pictures of her husband -- Nazar Grynko.

According to, she added: "It turned out that this woman and I have a large number of the same subscribers. Having visited her account, I found many other interesting photographs, including those of my husband."

She confronted both her husband and his mistress, even commenting on the 'City Lights' post: "Beautiful view from my husband's bedroom".

The confrontation was soon followed by a dramatic response from the husband where he not only denied the claims but also insisted that Vlada was not his mistress, but a girlfriend of a friend. Vlada took the picture when he had invited some friends over for a drink before heading to the movies.

However, Vlada was not willing to go along with the lie and unapologetically admitted sleeping with Agranovych's husband on social media posting: "She is his wife, not mine, what's the problem?" and even sarcastically asked, "Is he just a vegetable without free will? Don't make me laugh."

Grynko had no other choice but to come clean and admitted to having lovers while his wife Yulia was away. He went to justify that insisting that he was never 'mentally unfaithful' and 'told every girl he was married'.

Agranovych reached out the other women her husband had had affairs with and found out that they had no idea that he was married.

Agranovych said that divorce is the only answer and she is happy that she got to know his true colours before getting pregnant as they were planning to have a family.