India Pakistan Border Dispute Kills One
Indo-Pak border.Reuters

The family of Lance Naik Hemraj Singh, a member of the Indian Army patrol who was beheaded by Pakistani troops on Tuesday, has announced a hunger strike demanding the return of his head.

The widow and the mother of the slain soldier went on a hunger strike in Shernagar village of Mathura district, Uttar Pradesh on Saturday.

Hemraj along with Lance Naik Sudhakar Singh were killed during a cross-LoC raid in Poonch district of J&K on Tuesday. Hemraj's body was found decapitated.

"The family wants to see Hemraj's head. At least bring me my son's head ... I am not asking for anything more," Hemraj's mother, Meena Devi told The Times of India.

More than 200 villagers joined the martyr's family in the hunger strike. The protest is taking place at the cremation ground where the last rites of Hemraj were performed on Jan 9.

"I will not eat anything until the head of my late husband is sent to us," Daily Mail quoted his widow Dharamvati as saying. "We will not leave the place until the government takes a stringent decision," Hemraj's brother Jai said, according to Daily Mail.

Residents of Shernagar village were also furious because no official from the state government visited them or attended the funeral of the soldier.

According to reports, the strike was called off after politicians from different parties and officials of district administration met the family and agreed to meet their demands.

Khairair village chief Dharmveer told PTI that the Uttar Pradesh government has promised a compensation of ₹20 lakh for Hemraj's family.

Hemraj is survived by wife, two daughters and a son - Nirmal, Shivam and Prince- and mother Meena Devi.