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With the return of CM Punk, WWE universe and especially WWE Backstage got a massive shot in the arm. Punk's return to WWE programming after 5 years is expected to rejuvenate the ratings which have seen a dip in the recent weeks.

As far as WWE Backstage is concerned, it was expected to be a show which would showcase issues that were the major talking point all around the world. It was also believed to speak about controversial issues but that has not yet transpired. 

As per Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer Radio, the show has not taken off primarily because of Vince McMahon. Meltzer believes that the WWE boss is not very comfortable airing controversial stories on the show.

How will CM Punk change things?

"I don't see, like from the day the show was announced, I just don't see Vince McMahon allowing a show that would be serious, It's just not in him to do that. He doesn't think like an NBA owner or even UFC, As much as that UFC tonight show was very UFC centric. Vince hasn't lived in the real world, since god knows when, and I don't know if he ever did, but certainly not in the last 35 years," Meltzer said.

This stance is especially interesting after the return of CM Punk as he had said that he would change the culture of the entire show. For starters, he could well focus on WWE backstage. 

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When WWE Backstage was proposed, it was advertised as a show which would provide a rather realistic perspective and analysis on the events which would take place all around the WWE universe.

There were great claims made of the storyline being dissected and involving discussion with Jordan Myles potentially quitting WWE in sensational fashion. However, it has remained just a proposal as both Fox and WWE do not want to waddle into any sort of controversy. 

Meltzer rightly points out that the script for Backstage needs to change and it cannot just remain a pre-game show if the numbers are expected to improve in the near future. CM Punk has promised to do something about it, we can only wait and hope!