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Noted comic book artist Neal Adams did not like "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." It was pretty evident in his recent interview when he was asked to share his views on the critically panned film.

Adams, who is known for helping to create some of the definitive modern imagery of the DC Comics characters Superman, Batman, and Green Arrow, went on a major rant describing everything that was wrong with the film, including Wonder Woman's role.

Talking to the Audibly Exquisite podcast, Adams said, "I have held out such hope for that movie, because they tried to fix something of the last one, where you sit, everybody criticizes, uh, Superman practically destroys Metropolis fighting these Kryptonians when he could've taken them to the Sahara desert or to the moon or somewhere where you're not killing people, and so they're sitting there and basically saying okay, now Bruce Wayne Batman is blaming Superman for doing that, and so he wants to control him and to undo him."

"Unfortunately at the end, if we track the movie, he ends up killing him, duh! I mean it, is that the point we want to receive at the end. Now we know he's not dead, but the point is that if he challenged Superman and he's going to kill him, he kills him. It's just he uses some other weapon, ya know."

Adams then went on to talk about how insignificant and unnecessary Wonder Woman was in the film. "...Then we have Wonder Woman, who apparently can't do anything. I mean she doesn't do anything in the movie, she just looks good, ya know, but, and she does look very nice, those close-ups are fantastic, and she poses well, but she's got a lasso that I understand its latest power is to be able to control people, like she throws around somebody and they not only have to tell the truth but she controls them. Should've been the end of the movie. Wasn't, wasn't, so she was useless so why was she there?"

Well, clearly the writer is not a big fan of Zack Snyder's take on the characters, and he seems to be part of the majority here as several fans have voiced similar opinions. Now, it remains to be seen if DC and Warner Bros. get their act right in the upcoming "Justice League" movies.