Anuj Sachdeva, who plays antagonist Sahil on "Swaragini," seems to have landed himself in trouble. The actor found himself at the receiving end on Twitter as fans of the lead pair Swara (played by Helly Shah) and Sanskaar (played by Varun Kapoor) lashed out at him. 

According to reports, Anuj, in a recent television interview, said that the makers should cast another actress on the show as both Sanskaar and Sahil are madly in love with Swara. He questioned what is so special about Swara. This didn't go down well with the loyal fans of Swara and Sanskaar, who have been bashing Anuj for his remark.

However, Anuj clarified that his comment shouldn't have been taken seriously. "I meant it as a joke. I usually create a story in my interviews and if you see my previous ones also, you will understand. Even Sanskaar does this, but then may be just because I play the bad guy on the show, they have taken my comment to the heart," he told India Forums.

When asked about how Helly and Varun reacted to the issue, Anuj said: "They were actually laughing hard. We all sit together and have fun on the sets. We did have a good laugh over this one."

Anuj also took to his Twitter handle to clarify his remark. "Fr clarity to all swaragini and swara fans with due respect,it was just a way to tease in#Tellytadka intervw,nothi personal #Sahil'sBadJoke [sic]," he tweeted.

Meanwhile, in the recent episodes of "Swaragini," the Maheshwari family organised a puja for the well-being of the family, and Sahil, who is obsessed with Swara, entered the house disguised as a pandit. However, much to Sahil's dismay, Sanskaar exposed his true identity and the duo was seen getting involved in another heated argument, resulting in Sahil threatening to kill Sanskaar. Soon after, the police was called in to arrest Sahil.

In the upcoming episodes, the cunning man will manage to get himself released from jail. Determined to separate Swara and Sanskaar, a furious Sahil will then hatch a plan to abduct Swara. He will send a woman to Swara inviting her to a charity event. On reaching the venue, Swara will be abducted. It now remains to be seen how Sanskaar will manage to rescue Swara this time.