TV actress Shraddha Arya's sister Divya Arya and interior designer Raman Handa's marriage celebrations have been called off, and the latest buzz suggests it is due to actress Tina Dutta.

Rumours are rife that Raman Handa was having an affair with "Uttaran" actress Tina, due to which Divya's family called off the wedding ceremony.

Raman and Shraddha's sister had already registered their marriage in June this year, and were supposed to have a wedding as per rituals on 26 November.

Raman has denied allegations of the affair, and said the wedding ceremony has been called off owing to his health issues. "It is just a rumour and Tina is just a good friend. I am already married to Divya and due to my bad health conditions we have cancelled the celebrations," Times of India quoted Raman as saying.

However, the sudden news of their scheduled marriage bash being cancelled has given rise to many speculations. A report in Bollywoodlife hinted at some other possibilities, apart from the rumoured Tina Dutta angle.

Raman and Divya were having compatibility issues, which escalated in recent times, and thus the two decided to cancel the wedding celebration, which the report stated as one of the reasons.

The report also mentioned another speculation, which suggests Tina and "Rakhi Ka Swayamvar" ex-contestant Raman are just good friends, and her name has been dragged into this development to shift the focus from the actual issue.

Meanwhile, Shraddha, who is also a familiar with Tina, refused to comment on the matter, seeking privacy.

"I appreciate your trying to clarify things but I am not really seeking any kind of public and media attention out of my sister's misery. It's our time to give our utmost support to my sister rather than play the blame game. I do like to be private on the matter. Thanks," the report quoted Shraddha as saying.

Nevertheless, none of the rumoured reasons behind the wedding celebration being called off has been confirmed.