Saravanan Evicted
Saravanan out of Bigg Boss Tamil 3.PR Handout

Saravanan's elimination from Bigg Boss Tamil 3 has come as a shock to the fans of the show. The actor was asked to leave the show from the confession room without even giving an opportunity to say goodbye to his inmates of the show on the episode aired on Monday, 5 August.

It has also left many wondering the reason behind his sudden eviction. It has also paved way for many speculations over his termination of the contract with the channel.

Here, we are listing out three speculated reasons behind his eviction.

Reason 1: His Comment on Groping Women
Two weeks ago, Saravanan had claimed to have groped women in bus during his college days. He had stated it on a lighter note when he was conversing with Kamal Haasan. However, it had created a controversy as many people condemned his comment as it gives a wrong message to the younger generation.

Many believe that Vijay TV might have taken the call to convey a message to the public that it would not accept disrespectful comments against women in any form. Thus trying to build a positive image in the minds of the audience about the channel. However, many argue that Saravanan already had given an apology over the issue and sending him out of the show a week he admitted to have made a mistake is not a convincing decision to the fans.

Reason 2: His clash with Cheran
A section of people feel that the channel took the stand over Saravanan's disrespectful comments on Cheran. Many celebrities and notably filmmakers had come down heavily on Saravanan over not showing respect to the four-time National Award winning filmmaker. However, Kamal Haasan had addressed the issue during the special weekend episode. In fact, the duo hugged and decided to leave the incident behind them. So, this is also not a convincing reason for Saravanan's elimination from Bigg Boss Tamil for many. 

Reason 3: Saravanan Insults Kamal
A report on a website has stated that Saravanan might have been shown the door for insulting Kamal Haasan. A task was given by the host where he asked the contestants to sit in pair and imitate each other.

Saravanan and Madhumitha had teamed up in the task. While imitating the role of the latter, the former reportedly passed a silly comment aimed at Kamal Haasan which might have made the channel terminate his contract.

Even as these theories are doing rounds, people are now eagerly awaiting to here the exact reason for eviction from Saravanan himself.