TV actress Tanya Sharma, who plays the role of Meera in Star Plus' top-rated show "Saath Nibhaana Saathiya", was reportedly denied entry into a Ganpati pandal in Mumbai on Sunday.

According to reports, the lead actors of the show were supposed to pay a visit to the nearby pandal, and while everyone was allowed inside, Tanya was not as her outfit was too short. 

"The lead actors of the show were supposed to visit the mandal and the organizers had also made the required announcements. Unfortunately, Tanya was not allowed to enter as she was attired in a short outfit which apparently went against the rules and regulations of the Mandal," a source told Absoloute India.

However, Tanya rubbished the report stating that she even took blessings from Lord Ganesha. "I went and even did darshan," said Tanya.

When asked about it, Tanya's co-star Sonam Lamba, who plays Vidya on the show, said: "I did not go with Tanya but with my co star Kunal Singh (Sharavan). Tanya had gone before me, and I have no idea what happened. The organizers did tell me that there was a rule of not wearing short dresses, which was fine by me as I never wear them anyways."

A few months ago, there was news that the two young actresses, Tanya and Sonam, had a major fight on the sets apparently due to their insecurity with screen space. However, after the tiff, both the actresses decided to bury their differences for the sake of the show.