Lee Min Ho
Lee Min Ho will be holding a fan meeting for two days in Seoul from February 18.Reuters

South Korean actor Lee Min-ho is almost a household name in China. The "Boys over Flowers" star has visited the country several times as part of his films' promotional activities. He has even taken part in China's CCTV Lunar New Year Gala. It's not for nothing that he is nicknamed "long-legged oppa" by his Chinese fans. However, the actor faced a difficult time when he visited the country to promote his upcoming Chinese movie, "Bounty Hunters."

The 29-year-old star toured several cities such as Beijing, Xi'an and Fuzhou during June 22-24. During this time, Suzy Bae's boyfriend spoke to fans, shared tidbits from his upcoming film and even cut a cake that fans lovingly presented him in honour of his birthday.

Lee, no doubt, was humbled by the love and admiration he received from his fans, but if his trip evoked one more feeling, it was that of frustration. "I wanted to communicate with my fans, so I tried memorising several lines, but it was so hard. So now I just use Korean," he said.

The "Gangnam Blues" star also spoke at length about acting in a Chinese film and the many language barriers he overcame. In the actor's own words, he was anxious about acting in an environment that was unfamiliar, but he admitted that he got used to it pretty soon.

"Communicating with the actors wasn't much different as how it is in Korea, so it wasn't particularly difficult," Allkpop quoted him as saying.

While the actor has been busy with his promotional activities, several rumours allege that he has broken up with his girlfriend of 17 months, Suzy. Many media reports claimed the actress cheated on him with ex-boyfriend, Sung Joon. However, the latest news suggests that the couple is still together, and that the rumours are all but false, according to Movies News Guide.

Lee's upcoming film, "Bounty Hunters" is scheduled to be released on Friday, July 1 in theatres.