ice cream
Sandy Jenema (R) laughs with her daughter Kelly Gilde (L) while being served an ice-cream sundae at Tony's I-75 restaurant in Birch Run, Michigan. (Representational Image)Reuters

No one could have possibly imagined that this food item that we love as a dessert could possibly be the best breakfast ever. And kids will definitely love this breakfast more than their boring cereals. So what's the dish? None than other ice cream! A Japanese scientist has now discovered that if you eat ice cream for breakfast, you will be more alert and have better mental performance.

Yoshihiko Koga, a professor at Tokyo's Kyorin University, carried out a series of clinical trials where subjects had to eat ice cream right after they woke up. After that, they were asked to do various mental exercises on a computer. When this group was compared to the group that didn't have ice cream, he found that the group that ate ice cream showed faster reaction times and better information processing capabilities.

Excite News website states that the subjects who ate ice cream had high-frequency alpha waves. These waves are linked to increased levels of alertness and reduced mental irritation. Professor Koga then repeated this process with cold water. While those who drank cold water showed a higher level of alertness and mental capacity, it was not the same high levels as those who ate ice cream.

While Professor Koga's research has shown positive results, it has still given a firm conclusion whether it is the ice cream that causes the mental boost or an ingredient in it. There is also a train of thought that ice cream is often associated with being a treat and this it triggers a positive reaction.

Professor Koga has specialized in psychophysiology and he also looks at the links between various foods and reduced stress. He is also studying the link between food and the ageing process.