Shah Rukh Khan is a charmer. Be it on-screen or off-screen, the Bollywood star has the ability to attract the media and audience towards him.

His latest visit to Bangalore to promote his "Happy New Year" is an example of it where the King Khan got along well with the Kannada media and managed to hit headlines in the local newspapers. This seems to be working in favour of his new flick as it is set for a rousing welcome in Bangalore.

"Happy New Year" has become the talk of the town and Shah Rukh Khan's flick is once again set to rock at the Bangalore Box Office. What surprised the press persons was his humble nature and down-to-earth attitudes as he spoke to them.

In fact, Shah Rukh even tried to converse in Kannada and said a few words in the local language. "This really has become the interesting factor as other big stars, who come here, hardly make any attempt to speak in Kannada," says a journalist who was part of the press meet. To everybody's surprise, the Bollywood superstar went on to say that he was willing to work in Sandalwood.

While this quality alone will not make localities watch "Happy New Year", the positive feel that Shah Rukh has created will certainly have some impact on the audience. "If the initial reviews are good for the film, then the local audience, who are known for watching all the languages movies without any barrier, might throng into theatres to enjoy the film during the long festive weekend," opines a local distributor. This means, the Bollywood film will open big at the Bangalore Box Office in spite of facing competition from other big South Indian films.

Happy New Year
A still from Hindi movie "Happy New Year".IB Times India