Fast and Furious supercharged
Fast and Furious Supercharged Ride was finally open to public on 24 June, 2015.Instagram/ Universal Studios

The much-awaited "Fast & Furious" Supercharged theme park ride at Universal Studios was finally opened to public on Wednesday. But there was one thing that was missing from the hologram-like images of Supercharged, Paul Walker aka Brian O'Connor.

On Tuesday, actor Vin Diesel was the first to experience the Supercharged ride. And on Wednesday, he was joined by co-stars Jason Statham, Michelle Rodriguez and Tyrese Gibson among others to officially unveil this new theme park ride, which is based on the hit film franchise "Fast & Furious", to public.

It was reported that all the actors together cut the chain open using bolt-cutter and while doing so, Vin Diesel shouted out to the crowd saying: "This one's for you Pablo."

As we all know, Paul Walker died in a car accident in 2013 when "Fast & Furious 7" was still under production and the film was completed with the help of computer generated images and his brothers.

When asked if Paul was missed, Diesel told USA Today, "I have to believe he's there in spirit. Every second the saga continues it's in his name. Any expansion of this mythology is in his name. He's a part of it."

But fans noticed that Paul Walker aka Brian O'Connor was also missing from the hologram-like images called Pepper's Ghost featuring 'almost real looking' actors from the "Fast & Furious" films.

Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez and Tyrese Gibson are all imposed on this image, but Paul Walker's absence in this image got fans thinking.

This question was reportedly answered by executive producer of Supercharged, Chick Russell, who said that it was impossible to process the image of Brian O'Connor.

"We started our production after Paul had passed away. Unlike the film series we hadn't shot any of the film, nor did we have any material available to us. When we shoot for a theme park it's a completely different experience. It's all specialized work for a thrill ride environment," Russell told the website.

Well, like Vin Diesel said, Paul Walker's presence will always be felt at the "Fast & Furious" Supercharged ride at Universal Studios.