Nisha Krishnan
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Nisha Krishnan, the wife of actor Ganesh Venkatraman, has walked out of Vijay TV's popular show Nenjam Marappathillai. She was one of the female leads in the serial, which started airing in October 2017.

The actress has announced that she is not part of Nenjam Marappathillai anymore and thanked everybody who was part of the show. In a Facebook post, she wrote that creative issues with the team forced her to discontinue her association with the serial.

Nisha Krishnan's role of Sathya, a bold and independent woman in Nenjam Marappathillai, turned out to be a one-dimensional character and she was apparently not enjoying the show. Hence, the actress decided to "graciously" walk out of the show.

Here, we bring you the complete text (unedited) from her post:

Thank you for all the love & support for me that's been pouring in from last evening via Facebook, Twitter, Insta by my supporters, my fans & my friends !!
Your love has been the most motivating factor in my life to pickup interesting characters.

You showered me with so much love for Vedhaji in #Thalaianaipookal.. Thank u for that❤️

When #NenjamMarapadhillai was first offered to me, the character of Sathya was very challenging. An independent, bold girl who falls in love. But life situations take that love away from her only to come back in her life later.

How one deals with unrequited love is very interesting because everyone's response will be different. In that sense anyone of us can become a Sathya !!

Sathya's vulnerabilities, her inner strength, her anger towards what happened & her unique choices made the character very interesting & real...A Character I hadn't done before. Creatively an actor's growth is always in the risks we take & not in doing the same thing over & over again.

As an artist we never judge the characters as positive or negative as then we would never be able to get into their mind & do justice to it. I decided to undertake this journey of getting into the skin of Sathya

However after a few months, the character became completely negative which is typical of what you see in most serials. Sathya's character became one dimensional. A TV show is a writer's medium and we actors can only present what's written on the page. I am lucky to have a very sensitive team who heard my concerns. The producer, director, writer all tried their best to make Sathya's character more interesting.

But after a few months too, when things dint change much I decided to graciously step out and move on to other creative Avenues.

I am lucky to have one of the most understanding & sweetest producers Thiru sir, Director Abdul sir, our darling cinematographer Saravanan, creative head chandra sir and Amazing costars Amit Bhargav, Sharanya, Durga, Afsar Babu uncle, Mani KL, Shetty uncle, lalitha ma, Anu ma, Praveen and each and everyone on the set!

Will miss all of them so much... Wishing u all the best

Thank you Vijay Television for the lovely Opportunity