Moto E 2nd generation White Edition
Moto E 2nd generation White EditionMotorola

Motorola is set to plunge into the budget smartphone war one more time, this time riding on the second generation Moto E that's currently set for a March 10 launch. And judging by the kind of reception the original Moto E got from the crowd, we are expecting big things from the handset's latest avatar.

Expected to cost Rs. 6,999 as of now, Motorola has already sent out invites for an event on March 10 in New Delhi, which majorly hints at the launch of the second generation of the Moto E in India.

The Moto E (2nd Gen) is set to arrive with a massive upgrade from the first generation model of the device, which, needless, to say sold well enough to become something of a cult (although still early days). But we are guessing that the new handset will be even better than its predecessor, and here's why.

Another Flipkart Sell-out
While both the Motorola handsets of the previous years were special, since they combined effective specs with a pocket-friendly price tag, their cause was helped to a great extent by e-retailer Flipkart. The handsets came as exclusive handsets sold only at Flipkart. This created a lot of enthusiasm among users, and enough to make the Moto E and Moto G major success stories. Sure, that enthusiasm may have gone, but it is anyway highly likely that the new Moto E will be exclusive to Flipkart, and will also be a great option for all those looking for a branded budget handset that fits the bill.

(One of the) First to Android Lollipop
In case you didn't know, the revamped version of the Moto E from Motorola will be one of the first Android smartphones in the market to arrive running the unadulterated version of the latest Android Lollipop mobiles operating system straight out of the box. While the first Moto E gained a lot of ground by offering KitKat out of the box, Motorola wants to keep that momentum going, and setting up nicely to make the second generation of Moto E available with the latest Android version.

4G LTE, Finally!
The first Moto E was not only one of the earliest entrants in the budget smartphone category, it, some may say, single-handedly laid the foundation bricks to that segment. The forte of the smartphone was that for a defined price-tag (previously unthinkable) it offered what it promised. However, since nothing really satisfies us anymore, we had a few complaints with the handset, one being the absence of the 4G LTE tech. However, with the new Moto E, Motorola is ready to address the issue by making the handset 4G LTE capable. And there aren't many handsets in the market that will offer you LTE support at such a price.

Front Snapper
Talking about the "complaints" we had for the almost-perfect Moto E, another one that concerned most of the users was the apparent lack of a front-facing camera. The first version of the handset was priced cheaper than anything in the category, and accordingly there were a few features Motorola decided to let go of to make the ends meet. However, since having a camera in your smartphone is such a big deal nowadays (especially a front-one), it's no wonder that the company has fitted the second version of the handset with a front-facing camera. Sure, it's a VGA camera, but it should serve the purpose (we can't see any use of it apart from clicking selfies).

Upgrade to Internal Memory
While most will rejoice the fact that the Moto E finally gets treated to a front snapper, others who like the more intricate side of things will be satisfied to know that the handset is getting an upgrade in the internal memory segment. The first version of the handset came bearing a 4GB internal memory, this one is set to raise the bar with an 8GB internal memory offering. The 4GB internal memory in the first Moto E has always looked quite less for most, but nothing that an 8GB internal can't solve. Plus, you get 32GB of expandable storage.

Porting Stuff Over from Moto X
The Moto E, as we have heard from reports, will be treated to a few notable features that were previously found on the company's more expensive handset Moto X. The new generation Moto E, for starters, is expected to arrive with features such as Moto Display and Moto Migrate, ported over directly from the Moto X.