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The deal is: If you intend on making it that gory and gruesome, you might as well match it up with some awesome background scores. This is not an article where we sit and classify between music genres, and rather talk about some MK X. But if NetherRealm sees it fit, they could easily mash in some metal to go with it in the background.

With a game as mind-blowing as Mortal Kombat X, you hardly care about anything that might seem less significant that the game itself. However, it is also a fact that all the small things eventually mix into one big pile that we call "experience."

Be it in-game experience, gameplay experience or boss battle experience, everything depends on how you, as a gamer, perceive it. Each player's perception of the game is different from others, and hence the level of experience varies. While it may leave you satisfied at the end of a stage, it might not be the same for your partner.

And with that experience in mind, we think it would be an added bonus if NetherRealm decided to slightly tweak the music that plays in the background. We understand that MK X has that flowing 90s aura about it; after all, it was still as gory in its old 16bit version as it is today.

But we think it would be much better off without the 90s EDM in it anymore. Sure the original MK theme always had that electric feel about it and it would instantly charge you for the match ahead. But we think some Metal would nicely complement the unforgiving X-Ray moves happening on screen. Personally, I'm not the biggest Metal fan out there, but this game really cries out for some brain-exploding riffs in the backdrop.

The game's latest TV commercial trailer did pave a path for that, even if the company may or may not be aware of it. They introduced an SOAD track in the background (obviously, Chop Suey) with the city folks rushing to the next "fight." And it somehow seemed fitting with the System in the MK X backdrop.

While we do want the original MK theme to be reinstated, since nothing really beats it, in the menu screen, it would an amazing if NetherRealm took some time out and sorted few tracks that would add to the on-screen brutalities. You don't need to blast it in full volume, just faint background music for each round.

And let's avoid the 'Riders in the Storm' by Snoopy travesty this time around. That was the hardest NFS game to take in a long, long time, and may well be the reason why I never picked up another Need For Speed title after that.

We have a few selections ourselves: World Painted Blood (Slayer), Bleed (Meshuggah), Master of Puppets (Metallica), Function or Perish (Parasite Inc.), A Wold Amongst Ravens (After The Burial), Psychosocial (Slipknot), Laid to Rest and Descending (Lamb of God), The Unrelenting Surge of Vengeance (Demonic Resurrection), but we could go on.

Personal Choice: The Vampice Dance Club theme from Blade (If you are indeed to add EDM into it). Here's a taste:

What do you think? Should NetherRealm add some metal into its tracklist for MK X? If so, what are your choices? Let us know in the comments section below.