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An indestructible deer has entered the action-adventure video game, "GTA 5," where it is seen wandering about in the game's Los Andreas world creating commotion among the players and wrecking havoc on the military bases, intruding into a gang wars or even being chased by the police.

Apart from being indestructible, the deer can teleport to other regions of the game. It has also gained over 280,000 viewers on Twitch, becoming a Twitch streaming star.

BBC has identified the artist responsible for programming of this virtual deer as Brent Watanabe, who has taught himself how to mod in this popular game based on "forum searches and trial and error."

The deer is so programmed that no matter how many times it is being hit by cars, fired at, shelled on by the tanks, it does not die.

The report also mentions that the deer went on to have a four star wanted rating in the game. The deer can wander through the virtual 100 square miles of San Andreas.

The Twitch page for this havoc-causing deer mentions that the deer is programmed to control itself and make its own decisions. The deer is wandering of its own accord.

Watanabe's creation has become immensely popular with "GTA 5" players and he was "surprised and thrilled" with the positive reactions from them, he told the BBC.