It's not often that Pornhub star Mia Khalifa shares her Amazon wish list on her Twitter account, but when she does, the twittersphere cannot ignore it. The most searched porn star on the internet hasn't yet shared the goodies and gifts she expects for Christmas and fans wonder why. After all, it is the holiday season and Christmas is only a few days away.

Mia, who is of Lebanese origin, seems to have already received a bunch of gifts from her favourite football team. Perhaps this explains why the porn star hasn't updated her wish list.

In a recent Twitter post, Mia tweeted a picture of Florida State Seminoles' memorabilia signed by footballers. Among her gifts is a clay model of NFL star Jameis L. Winston; a game ball signed by Bobby Bowden; a helmet and a ball signed by Charlie Ward.

Since the post appeared on her Twitter account, fans commented on the picture and asked if she would share her Amazon wish list soon. Some of them asked her what gift she'd like to receive for Christmas. However, the star hasn't responded yet.

Mia's last Amazon wish list in April 2015 was a huge hit among her fans. The porn star revealed her love for Lacrosse and included equipment such as n EZGoal Lacrosse Folding and Tilting Rebounder, Assorted Color NCAA NFHS Lacrosse Balls and Brine Women's Lacrosse Classic Stickbag. The merchandise was estimated to be around $600, according to a report.

Recently, Mia, 21, revealed that her goal for 2016 is to play fantasy football with Pittsburgh Steelers star, Le'Veon Bell. She tweeted, ""2016 goal: Get @L_Bell26 to play fantasy football with me."

Back in October, the footballer and Mia engaged in a series of tweets in which they discussed fantasy football. Le'Veon Bell said "lol I don't even know how to play fantasy" and Mia extended an invitation to join her fantasy football league, reported Yahoo