"The Simpsons", which started in 1989, is slowly losing its popularity among its fans. Some of the fans feel that the show managed to reach the public, and maintain its original authentic message and sense of humour only up to season 10.

Till now, "The Simpsons" has completed 26 seasons and Fox is set to air the first episode of season 27 on 27 September, 2015.

Fans have begun speculating as to when will the long-running TV series come to an end. The creators of the show, however, seem unaffected by such speculations. In fact, they have not even  officially announced the series finale.

This animated sitcom has drastically lost its TRP over the decades. 

When rumours about Marge Simpson and Homer Simpson's split in season 27 emerged, it set the Internet into a frenzy.

But later, an animated cartoon video was uploaded by Animation Domination on YouTube as Homer and Marge sit on a chair explaining that they will not go for a divorce rather "solid as a run" in their marriage life.

Following are the reasons as to why we think that "The Simpsons" should end:

  1. The creators stopped making funny episodes after the 10th Season.
  2. The regular anti-political theme makes it unbearable.
  3. Racial differences given to characters, especially to black or Asian people, may offend others.
  4. The fans who followed it since the beginning have now became fathers and grandfathers.
  5. Too much of violence.
  6. Parental advices are taken from this show.
  7. It promotes anti-social life and anti-family support.
  8. Though it is a classic, it seems to have lost its initial glory.
  9. New shows are premiering and a new idea of "comedy" is being displayed through these shows.
  10. People are expecting more. So logically, there isn't enough space for old.